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Doctor Adventures presents: Naomi Cruise is fucked hard outside her patients home

Scene Title: Utterly Professional

Storyline: Paramedic Naomi always gets her patients to the hospital no matter what. No different with Mr.Long, but he really didn't want to go, so she had some serious convincing to do. Once his cock was in her mouth, Mr.Long was feeling like going to the hospital was a good idea. He decided to see how much further she would go to convince him. She's very professional.

Doctor: Naomi Cruise

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What people are saying about: Naomi Cruise - Utterly Professional doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

fucken awesome. i would love to see more scenes like this. i am a medic and this deff answered a fantasy about one of my coworkers!!! the acting and treatment was shit, but the sex was aweseome. on suggestion paramedics always work as partners, so maybe next time have 2 girl paramedics and a patient as a threesome, or maybe a paramedic fucking her partner :)

Comment #2

The full video download link was not because of the new site format. It was a database issue. Our video list in the database got corrupted and the sites could no longer access information about the full videos which is why the links weren't there. We're repaired the database and this issue should no longer occur. The links should now be available everywhere. Sorry for the inconveniance.

Comment #3

Ok...loved the scenario, but it should have been a threesome. Paramedics always have at least one other peopn in the truck with them, it just would have been more realistic. Naomi is just an average looking girl, nothing about her really catches my attention, but overall it was a decent doctor adventures video. The pussy is too hair for my preference. I agree with MaryJane, bring Kelli Tyler back. I'd like to see her in a different scene other than DoctorsAdventures. She's hot, she deserves for scenes. 6/10

Comment #4

Claire is average at her best. Okay great you have a tongue piercing. The sex was boring. Two doggy and mish. The camera work was horrible. Yeah she has natural boobs but did the camera need to stay on them. That cumshot was awesome. It looked real to me before I read the comments. Not sure if this chick will get another shot. I still haven't figured out why Kelli Tyler hasn't yet. Snoogans!

Comment #5

Supercuts or other cuts. I don't care just as long as theres a super-cunt earning her money in porn scenes. I like this slut who is perfectly plump in all the right places. Almost redheadish pale complexion which for me is another boner-bump-up factor. My only issue is the lack of glistening gash goo from her pussy. Whatever happenned to the notion of hot, wet sex? Seems as if most triple x studios all have their porn sluts getting the dry dicking. sometimes it almost looks uncomfortable for the chick. So lube it up. hire somebody to spray that cooter with some lube when it looks dry or train the dudes to conjure up some natural cooter cream b4 the rheeming begins. Dry sex = sub standard sex= not as hot of a sex scene=less arousing visuals. etc etc. ss

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