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Scene Title: Brains before Blonde

Storyline: No matter what position you may hold, it's never high enough to be exempt from being discriminated. This is true for Dr. Benz a very good doctor but her patient this morning, an arrogant businessman, can't seem take her seriously because she is blonde. Dr. Benz teaches him a very good lesson and in the end he paid dearly. See Dr. Benz at her best in this scene!

Doctor: Nikki Benz

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What people are saying about: Nikki Benz - Brains before Blonde doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

I need an exam performed by Nikki! Just her role playing as a doctor with the oufit and all was hot by itself! I don't think Trent's dick was big enough for porn queen Nikki Benz. She needs big dick to satisfy her, what a pro! I love how Nikki insists, "let me suck you dry!" We need more Doctor Aventures with Nikki!!! 10!

Comment #2

Nikki is one of the best ladies in porn. Gorgeous face, lovely long legs, cute little ass and some phat tits. She also happens to be a total cock slut. Nikki, we need to see you on Racks and Blacks asap.

Comment #3

I'd love to take her tempeture by sticking my "thermometer" in her ass. You guys should bring her back for a juggfuckers scene and another Big Tits At School one!

Comment #4

Nikki, I rated you with an 8. To get a 10 you should get your tight asshole screwed.

Comment #5

Nikki is very sexy... definitely one of her better scenes

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