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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Rhodes pussy pumped by a massive dick

Scene Title: The test don't lie

Storyline: One of Dr. Rhodes 's patients is a high profile soccer player. His lawyer visited her after his client scored badly on a drug test. The lawyer was reluctant to give up on this test result and Dr. Rhodes purposed a way to forge the documents... guess what the lawyer had to do...

Doctor: Nikki Rhodes

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What people are saying about: Nikki Rhodes - The test don't lie doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Humans are not like machines, all of them are different. Not all of them are meant to have dark skin, and just because some do not, doesn't make it a deffect. So please SHUT THE FUCK UP people who keep saying she needs a tan. Obviously she's about being natural, which includes her skin colour, unlike the other 90% of the girls on this site. Second of all, you people should be smarter than that to know that red and blonde haired people have naturally fair skin and such fair skin rarely tans, it burns! I would have to agree on the quality of the video though, it's pretty sub par compared to the newer scenes. I do love Nikki though, she's got such a sexy attitude! And her facial expression and eyes are amazing when she stares at him while she's taking it. It would be great to see Nikki in HD!

Comment #2

Nikki Rhodes is really hot with her milky white skin. I like watching her naturals bounce. The setup maybe should have been her as a nurse and Barry tells her his client might have some dirty urine. Then she could have used her power to change the test results. Other than that I thought the sex was hot. She took control of the scene which was hot for a young chick in the game. I can't believe her pussy is so beaten though. I don't know who has the worst looking pussy Nikki or Deauxma. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

Comment #3

I don't know, I got mixed feelings about this girl. I don't think she's ugly, but I think she needs a tan. Wasn't too impressed by either of her scenes thus far. 3/10

Comment #4

Good doctor adventures scene, the sex had some good "pounding" moments, and Nikki looked so sexy with the high heels and the stockings. She is a really cute girl, kind of the girl you can get, well almost. Nice natural body, I can even forgive the tattoos, hope to see her more often on this site. Is it just me or the camera was shaky and awkward on some spots?

Comment #5

WOW! The most promising newcomer ive seen since Lela Starr. Seriously, Nikki Rhodes is THE new IT girl. s

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