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Doctor Adventures presents: Nikki Sexxx gets a boob and pussy exam

Scene Title: Doctor for a Day s

Storyline: When Nikki Sexx comes in for a routine breast exam, she finds Keiran Lee in the doctor's office all dressed up in a white smock. Little does she know that he really is the clinic's janitor!! "Dr" Keiran will proceed to her exam but he won't only check her breasts, he'll impose an internal exam as well...

Doctor: Nikki Sexxs

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What people are saying about: Nikki Sexxs - Doctor for a Day s doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

I loved this scene !! Nikki is way hot and super sexy. I watched this scene a couple of times now and I can't get enough of Nikki. She has a fabulous butt that is perfect. I wish Brazzers would put her in another scene, because I'm craving some more Nikki Sexx!!! Thanks Nikki for the hot sex!!!

Comment #2

I'm loving the new talent in Nikki Sexx. In addition to being a solid performer with a really sick bod, she is one of the very few girls that has a very pretty face. Loved the scenario. We all know how good of a performer Kerian is, but dude has some acting skills that go overlooked; makes the setup that much better. Some good positions all the way thru, and of course solid fucking by both Keiran and Nikki. Excellent ending too

Comment #3

This doctor adventures scene wasn't bad, but her BTAW scene was much better. The sex was rougher and harder in that scene. This scene had a decent scenario, but it was not as hot as the BTAW scene she did. Overall, a good scene, and I'm really lovin Nikki Sexx, hope to see much more of her. I hope Nikki does anal or plans to in the near future. 7/10

Comment #4

Great job by Keiran dressing up like doctor when he is a janitor! I really enjoy the comedy thrown in with these hot scenes. Keiran whistling while he works too was funny! I like when Nikki comes in Keiran could not resist a breast exam and says "take that top off and Dr. Lee will have a look at it" Nikki is sexy as hell geting her pussy eaten! "You can do whatever you want to me Doctor!" WOW! I love watching Nikki's piercings as she taks Keiran down her throat! Great eyes for some POV from Nikki in the future please ZZ! Great camera work on BJ!!! Thanks for the warning of how loud you are Nikki, u almost blew the speakers too! Doctors Adventures definitely rules!

Comment #5

nikki is fukkin great...luv the body...legs n ass are topnotch...would love to see more reg.cowgirl to showcase that fine ass...and yea, it does seem to depend on the girl for the tug at the end...GREAT scene tho...bring SEXXy back!

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