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Scene Title: Customer satisfaction

Storyline: Dr. Flame is a prominent doctor running a successful clinic. The rule of thumb in running any successful business is customer satisfaction and Dr. Flame knows this all too well. Confronted by an irate customer about his billing, the doctor went to great lengths to calm the gentleman down. He couldn't deny the sexy doctor and got way more than a simple check up. In the end, Dr. Flame had one more satisfied customer. All in a days work.

Doctor: Penny Flame

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What people are saying about: Penny Flame - Customer satisfaction doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Excellent Penny!First of all,SHE'S IN GREAT FORM after 5 years.Others in less time are tired or doing degrading crazy scenes.Missy Monroe,Katja Kassin,Daphne Rosen,Hillary Scott and others.I've seen Penny doing real rude and hard anal scenes,but HERE! I loved the smooth way she did handle the action all the time.JUST WATCH THE TROGG'S FACE!She did give him one of the most memorable sex in his life.The best moments:when she's on top of him:TEASING,SLOW MOTION and then INCREASE THE SPEED. And she really did enjoy the delights of sex!She's a PRO.Finally,there's NO SPPITING ON EVERYWHERE,NO GAGGIN',NO SLAPPING ALL THE TIME,NO DRILL THE GIRL'S MOUTH.JUST WARMING AND HORNY SEX.Congrats to BZ too.

Comment #2

WOW!!!! She's INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Words fail me!!!!!!!!!

Comment #3

Wow penny is awesome! What a great fuck she must be!

Comment #4

Awesome! Penny Flame is sooooo hot! But I agree to canadadry...that guy is disgusting. Take more normal dudes, not this buffed up jerk. You really need to think about your male actors ... Anyway, thanks for that great Penny Flame performance :)

Comment #5

Penny = Great, Ugly Guy = Roid head

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