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Doctor Adventures presents: Priya Rai bouncing her huge titties infront of a horny hard cocked doctor

Scene Title: Abnormal Sensations

Storyline: Priya volunteers for a clinical study that will pay her compensation to consume unprescribed pharmaceutical drugs. She shows signs of tingling mainly on her breasts and crotch area. Dr. Ash needs to do some examination and hopefully calm the tingling down. In the end, the doctor gets screwed, as Priya fakes the whole thing to get a 2 for 1 a paying check and a good fuck.

Doctor: Priya Anjeli Rai

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What people are saying about: Priya Anjeli Rai - Abnormal Sensations doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Smoking scene. Priya Rai is amazing. Shes the only Indian pornstar I can think of and even if there was hundreds she would still be No. 1. She is one hot sexy lady with fantastic skin and a great body. Never knew she could squirt which is what makes this even hotter. Jordan gave a great performance as usual. Excellent scene !.

Comment #2

i loved this doctor adventures scene, priya is one of the hottest on this site, i loved all the squirting but it does seem to me that some is urine wtf, it was a little hardcore with the chocking and shit, great scene overall, only complaint... KEEP THOSE HEELS ON who doesnt like to fuck a girl with heels on

Comment #3

Wow it appears that Priya has taken herself to another level. I watched squirt with Ramon not too long ago. I never expected her to keep going and going. Of course now I'm hearing that some of it's urine. Scary to know chicks don't mind the taste of piss in their mouth. The titfuck was sweet. Choking during a titfuck are we, really? I loved the spanking of her ass. I personally didn't get into this sex all that much. It was nice to view some cowgirl finally. Nice load of cum Jordan. Snoogans!

Comment #4

Oh dear, Priya's worst scene to date in my opinion. Come on Brazzers, with a girl this hot this is the best you can come up with? And cut the fucking spitting please, you too cheap to buy some lube or what?

Comment #5

I've always thought Priya was the hottest babe on the net long before she started doing hard core. I hope she keeps it together, unlike her fellow desi Angela Devi. Priya's hot and no one here touches her. Maybe she's into it now because this dude is not as lame as some of the other stiffs she was paired up with. And what's all this whining about the noises she makes - you wankers want to give online porn acting advice? Get a life...

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