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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Rai slammed on the her office desk by a sex driven cock

Scene Title: Brilliant concock-tion

Storyline: Dr. Rai is working in her laboratory mixing a concoction of chemicals to create a potion that will make a person become obedient. She decides to try it on her assistant TJ. Once he drank the concoction, he was completely under her control. So Dr. Rai ordered him to fuck her hard and make her cum many times.

Doctor: Priya Anjeli Rai

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What people are saying about: Priya Anjeli Rai - Brilliant concock-tion doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

You are a beautiful woman Priya. You have been blessed with a gorgeous face and a perfect body, yet you seem to have a good spirit too. I hope you are kind enough to share your happiness with the world. Everyone could use more love...

Comment #2

I lost interest in this scene with the quickness. God-damn is Priya hot, but this was some boring shit. She definitely turned the vocals down, but it's probably because she couldn't feel TJ's average-sized dick compared to some of the hammers she's taken in the past. I think it's time you got her with Johnny or Keiran; 2 cats that will pound her.

Comment #3

I didn't think much of Indian chicks but now I am giving all of them a second look. You know Kama Sutra is from India! Look at those big fucking tits, wow! Priya Rai is fucking beautiful with a great body! Nice camera work on the blowjob with Priya's big fucking tits popping out of her bra is sexy as hell making my dick stand at attention! "yuh, you want me to take my bra off?" God, I love these easy questions porn chicks ask like, "does that feel good?" HELL YEAH!!!!!! "ya like those big titties? yuh!" I like that one where she answered her own question, thanks Captain Obvious! I'd give my left nut to fuck this chick! That ass needs much more spanking! Those thong tan lines have me spanking myself. Priya should do more scenes where she is the dominant one! It looked like TJ (like the rest of us!) could barely hold out much longer and was desperate to empty his balls all over Priya's big ass titties! 10!

Comment #4

priya is hot, nothing special with the sex though, and her yelps are quite annoying, and this dude, does anyone else get sick of him licking his fucking hand a million times in his scenes, and eating pussy seems like a punishment to this dude. i really wouldnt watch anymore of his videos after he ruined this one...

Comment #5

priya the title says cum on tits. remember you are a pornstar and if he fucks you over nicely you always provide a little cleanup for your man (suck that dick a few times)!!! just watch a eva, nikki, or shyla scene and watch how they reward their studs (that's why they are porn hall of famers)!!! hope this scene rocks because girl you look great !!

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