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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Puma Swede sucks and fucks young doctor

Scene Title: Once a student, always a student

Storyline: Dr. Swede is dealing with an arrogant medical student who thinks he knows it all. He tries demanding for antibiotics for a cold he has and refuses testing. Dr. Swede less than impressed with his arrogance and beside manners decides not to take much more of his ranting and teaches this student a stern but real good lesson!

Doctor: Puma Swede

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What people are saying about: Puma Swede - Once a student, always a student doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

probably the best scene on the entire network (imo)

Comment #2

You absolutely cannot go wrong with Puma. She is one of the queen divas of the porn world. Her body just stokes, and yes it strokes as well. How about Puma in PSLIB - some scene where she gets all her cloths off and lets us see those legs that go on forever, the sexiest of body's and here oversized gorgeous mellons. Dare I say it I would pay you to let me do her in a scene. When she rolls those tits in her hands I wish it were me doing that. And she is very cute taboot. One of the absolute best babes on the net today.

Comment #3

still the best scene on all the sites

Comment #4

Puma-is-soooo-gorgeous! too bad though to see her as a doctor and no titfuckin' scene.... you guys should be ashamed! wait a minute, i'm gonna write a scenario.... yeah... best regards to Puma, from France.

Comment #5

Pumas back and she looks hungry. This women is so damn sexy. Keep the Pums Swede clips coming, would love to see her in Racks and Blacks.

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