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Doctor Adventures presents: Puma Swede fucking a well known pornstar in her office

Scene Title: Role playing treatment

Storyline: Pornstar Tommy Gunn went to see psychiatrist, Dr. Puma Swede, to help him be less arrogant. Dr. Swede figured out his problem was that he was afraid of not being able to sexually satisfy his girlfriend who is also in the business. So she proposed him a role playing treatment to get to the bottom of his insecurity problem...

Doctor: Puma Swede

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What people are saying about: Puma Swede - Role playing treatment doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

I know Puma got some fans for sure so if you click on her name then click on interview and see her be silly.

Comment #2

now THIS is porn, Puma looks good as ever, sucks as good as ever, and fucks as good as ever. I'm so glad you brought her back, hopefully we see more of her. I like the role of arrogant Tommy, reminds me of myself lol. Plus, he's probably the best male you guys have now. *members - if you like Puma, her first Doctor Adventures scene is probably my favorite of the ENTIRE Brazzers network. Chek it out if you haven't already ;)

Comment #3

I absolutely Love the outfit! She looks sooooo hot. I can't wait to see more girls playing scenes dressed like this.

Comment #4

THIS is exactly why we pay the money we do, people. Blonde hair, blue eyes, big fake titties, and a penchant for wild fucking. Yes, I did just describe the perfect woman, so no, you didn't mis-read that... Puma is always good. More Puma is even better. Let's get more Puma.

Comment #5

I knew Puma hadn't retired cause I have seen her on other sites. Not sure why it took Brazzers so long to get her. At least she didn't disappoint. I liked the scene whether it was a rip off or not. I liked the different background for a change. Tommy did fuck her good too. Glad to see that Brazzers brought her back cause she has been in demand. Snoogans!

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