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Doctor Adventures presents: Doctor Starr is in dyer need of a cock to fuck her

Scene Title: In a hurry...wait a minute.

Storyline: Nick was in a hurry but doctor Starr wasn't ready to let him go in till she found his symptom. She was pretty sure it was because Nick barely relaxed and took it easy, so she decided to make him relax, by professionally sucking his dick and sitting on his face. I wish Doctor Starr was my Doctor... I'd be sick all the time.

Doctor: Rachel Starr

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What people are saying about: Rachel Starr - In a hurry...wait a minute. doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

So many clips have the Anal tag, and are not even Anal. I dont think these guys understand how popular a clip would be if either Jayden, Priya, or Rachel took it in the ass, might be their most popular clip ever!

Comment #2

I want Rachel to get paid more...she deserves it. Brazzers give her a bonus because she is one of few girls who can get a guy goin...also the dude is this shit is cool too cuz he lets her do the action...until when hes about to bust he starts screaming like a fucking retard which was hilarious. s

Comment #3

Great doctor adventures scene. I gave it a 10 though it isn't quite truly perfect for my tastes. Sometimes I think most porn cameramen and scene editors aren't ass men. They far too often don't spend as much time showing POV RCG and overhead doggie for as Iong as an ass man such as myself would like, even in so-called "ass sites." I think it squanders an opportunity for some serious arousal at the sight of a wonderful ass like Rachel's in action. The cameraman and editor got it right in this scene. We get over seven minutes of art in seeing her ass shake in doggy/RCG near the end. Over two and a half minutes of it is her skillfully bouncing between his legs in a manner that definitely gets me blowing my load.

Comment #4

I saw this clip as a sample and decided I wanted to see more - I wasn't disappointed. This girl is so hot, great body and great action, esp. when riding that cock doggie style. The stockings really do it for me too. More of her in stockings pleez!

Comment #5

See it's that one position that she was in where she's riding his dick backwards between his legs. WOW that's looking damn hot. That's the position that I can imagine would push me right over the edge to a super orgasm! I mean I love doggie styling during sex, but to feel the pussy especially of a hot chick like that going up and down my cock would just drive me to bust a nut.

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