Rebeca Linares from Doctor Adventures


Doctor Adventures presents: Spanish chicks walks into the doctors office with ATS

Scene Title: Pain in the ass

Storyline: Dr. Sins is all about good care for his patients but when Mrs. Linares came into the office explaining her pain in Spanish. Johnny had no idea what do to but he figured it would be a pretty good time to get her to do stuff for him. A couple seconds later she was sucking his dick and he fucked the shit out of her...

Doctor: Rebeca Linares

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What people are saying about: Rebeca Linares - Pain in the ass doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

I like this girl for the obvious reason of her not being a big brazzer's hog. Black hair, cute face, nice body, good scene. I have a question for anybody who has viewed more of her scenes because this was my first one. I'll be watching more. Does she always have the high-pitched whail (as funkdoc put it)???

Comment #2

i enjoyed this doctor adventures scene as i do all rebecca's i love her cause she's all natural! She's also crazy and a wild fuck which makes it even better. But i think this scene was a bit tame for her wild side. I loved the anal abuse but I agree with the others it should have been harder! She screams enough though. I can't get enough of this girl. I still think she needs to do a 2 on 1 with a hottie just as nice as she is. And the 2 girls need to fight over the cock and get real rough with it! Keep up the good work and keep rebecca in the line up!! She's fucking fantastic!

Comment #3

Great scene, really HOT!!! However, I agree with some comments here: at first I thought he was gonna ravage her ass, but in the end he was pretty light on the pounding. Great fucking scene nevertheless.

Comment #4

I found this to be equally hilarious as hot. Johnny had me laughin my ass off with his "aiyy yayayaya?", and "we'll start with this and then get to el culo". Her speaking Spanish the whole time (execpt for a few slip-ups) was sexy as hell. I'm not really into this chick like other cats, mainly due to her high-pitched whailing but as he was escorting her out of the office at the end I couldn't help but admire her ridiculous body and perfect natual tits. Excellente s

Comment #5

this scene was without doubt one of the very best scenes i have had the pleasure to view at this site close to hardcore without quite getting there but still good steamy sex and enjoyed the anal as well this pairing worked well too rebecca linares was at her very best this spanish brunette is really hot and the male star one of the most sort after at brazzers by the amount of quality vagina and ass he gets to engage 10/10

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