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Doctor Adventures presents: Doctor Richards fucks the football coach in her office

Scene Title: Take One For The Team

Storyline: The coach's star quarterback was suffering from a pain in his stomach. So he went to see nurse Richards. What a professional, she had him all better within minutes. She knew the coach would be happy, even though he was a major asshole. That was just stress and nurse Richards relieved his stress by fucking the shit out of him.

Doctor: Rhyse Richards

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What people are saying about: Rhyse Richards - Take One For The Team doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

I LOVE Rhyse's boobs; they're big, fake, they bounce, and look to be very soft! She also has that intangible sexiness that makes her a favorite of mine. Cheyne banged her good, so I enjoyed it ;)

Comment #2

Yeah....I didn't meantion the freckles purposely.....I figured all the boob job comments got the point accross, but since you brought it up. I agree with MaryJane. If it wasn't for all the freckles and the bad tits, she is pretty good looking. Just can't get past the negatives about her thou

Comment #3

I read alot of hate on her boobjob. This shit was comedy to me. The freckles on her boobs don't help either. Couple things she does have going for her is very sexy and pretty pussy. Thses two fucking did get me very wet. This was better than her and Joe fucking. The locker room has been getting alot of scenes lately and I kinda like it. Rhyse, keep doing the damn thang. Snoogans!

Comment #4

Tit wank was near not long enough, These chics do these scenes wit the fake ass tits and dont use them at all why the hell did they buy em then. And another thing what the hell happened to that Sienna update did you guys just decide to screw over your subcribers again? Rhyse is okay but in the future oil her up or something. Wheres Sienna Dammit.

Comment #5

That's disgusting! Her tits look horrible! Brazzers, you must take us as desperate fools to even try and slip this crap by us. There are only thousands of good looking whores out there that will fuck on camera for money and you present the girl with the fucked up tits! WTF! Do you think we have super woody's and can just chug along no matter what our eyes see and brains processes. Can you say instant limpdom? s

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