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Doctor Adventures presents: Ricki Raxxx give her patient pussy to mouth resuscitation

Scene Title: Pussy to Mouth Resuscitation

Storyline: Dr. Raxxx' patient had a jet ski accident and was taken into the water for too long. She performed CPR on him but it didn't work. So Dr. Raxxx decided to use her most effective method: "Pussy to Mouth Resuscitation". This method has always been the last resort for her Male Patients after a failed CPR attempt, but the smell of beautiful pussy always seems to bring them back to consciousness.

Doctor: Ricki Raxxx

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What people are saying about: Ricki Raxxx - Pussy to Mouth Resuscitation doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Hey guys brazzers listened to you and we just shot a new doctor adventures video last week. You guys are going to go nuts over it. In this new scene I took some of the advice you guys have been giving me on the site here and used it in the new video. It's my best performance to date. Lots of hard sex and dirty talk that will make you want to rewind the scene and go all my god I know she didn't just say that. When the shoot wraped up for the day I was very pleased with the performance and think all of you gentlemen will be just as satisfied. Thank you guys for all the support!

Comment #2

Hi guys it's Ricki here and I just want to let you all know I check up on this site often. I love reading all the wonderful things you have to say about me, thanks. To all the viewers who write comments on what I need to do to improve I appreciate the advice and will keep what your telling me in mind. My goal is to give you guys what you want. Thanks for the support guys. P.S. somebody needs to tell Brazzers to book me again because I am out in Ca shooting videos till July 1 and brazzers has not rebooked me, which means you won't get to see new videos of me on their site for awhile. Thanks again

Comment #3

The setup was dumb as all hell. Shouldn't you have had a FEMALE taking notes on "pussy-to-mouth"? Stupid. She seemed so wide-eyed & ditsy during the dialogue and I found it to be such a turn-on. I must say Ricki's performance here was a thousand times better than her 1st; she has improved her dick sucking and riding, and it was hot how her hair covered her face in the 69. The tats aren't so bad cuz at least they're symmetrical on both arms and not just 1 sleeve on 1 arm where it would stick out like a sore thumb. I agree about the 3 clit rings - seems like a little much. Tthe nails are hot and I can imagine how they would feel rubbing on my skin. Great job overall by both Keiran and Ricki and I can't wait to see her 3rd scene for Brazzers.

Comment #4

WOW!!! Ricki Raxxx put a pop tent in my pants!!! I would have woke from the dead if Ricki gave me pussy to mouth resuscitation! I would love to see Ricki give a handjob as part of each scene. She looks great jacking him off with her colorful tattoos. That really made my dick hard jacking it off pretending it was Ricki Raxxx giving me a handjob! Ricki you have a great body as is so don't kill yourself in the gym!!! When you said to stand back I thought Keiran was going to cum like Old Faithful going off! LMAO! I love your soothing voice and OMG those fucking huge tits are to die for. This is my 2nd time today watching this doctor adventures scene and my hard dick cannot get enough Rikki Raxxx (just added to my favorite pornstars too!) The nose ring is hot and I would love tugging on those pussy lips rings with my lips! Please use those sexy nails to tickle balls with! You have a great look with the hair, makeup, rings, tattoos, big ass bouncing titties, nice tanned body, great voice with dirty talk, sexy nails, great teeth. The future of porn is Ricki Raxxx because I know talent when I see it! Ricki will actually get better and my stiff cock is looking forward to Brazzers doing more scenes with Ricki!!! Shwing!!!! 10

Comment #5

Still stand by everything I said in the comments section for her last scene. Shave the pussy completely or go with a landing strip. That big square of hair looks stupid, and as short as it's cut, it's better to have no hair there at all. Tighten up the stomach, lose the pussy piercings, one is enough. Get rid of those stupid fucking nails, they're ridiculous. Don't get anymore tattoo's, you've fucked up your skin enough already. I'm not buying into the hype about her being the 'Baddest Girl in Porn'. So far she has done nothing that backs that up. The scenario was really good, however, Brazzers didn't execute it good. The mouth to mouth should have been a bit longer. Loved the pussy to mouth idea, that'd the kind of shit I come up with when thinking of porn scenarios. I have to ask one thing though, why the fuck was the nurse a guy? Is he going to do dick to mouth resusitation in the next DA scene? I mean, why would she be showing the male nurse that shit, he couldn't do pussy to mouth resusitation no matter what. It should have been a female nurse. Overall, this was an average doctor adventures scene, I think it would have been better if you had a different girl and guy in it, as well as executed it better. And for the love of god, can someone master the art of editing? How hard is it to cut "Action!" out of the scene? 6/10.

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