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Doctor Adventures presents: Riley Evans uses her tits as a method of mouth opening in dentistry

Scene Title: Don't fear the Dentist

Storyline: We should all have tooth aches more often so we can visit Dr. Riley Evans! That's what Johnny Nitro did all right, and he got the treatment of a lifetime! Dr. Evans made sure he would have to come again for "routine check ups"... Pretty sure he'll be calling back for a new appointment.

Doctor: Riley Evans

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What people are saying about: Riley Evans - Don't fear the Dentist doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

First off, Johnny Nitro's performance sucked and watching her pussy get fucked by his ugly dick was just a distraction. That's the ugliest dick I've ever seen in porn. Riley is decent in the face, but love her natural tits and her ass. I'd like to see moroe anal from her, she's only got one anal scene on Brazzers. Loved the dentist scenario but it was not executed great at all. I would love to see Riley shave the pussy completely, that hair was too long. She'd look much better with a completely shaved pussy, that pussy looked so smooth, the hair just did not belong there. The camera angles weren't the greatest, and the editing fucking blew again. The build up before the sex was one of the worst I've seen in a long time. Not sure if it's because you cut some out when you edited the scene or not, but it was just rushed into. She she have smothered his face while he was laying in that chair. If your going to have them where that mask over their mouth, make sure they cover their mouths. It just looked stupid covering up only half of her mouth, she would have been better off not wearing it if she wasn't going to cover her whole mouth. A real dentists would wear it right, so when you're roleplaying the role, roleplay it right. Overall, an average doctor adventures scene at best, Riley could have made a much better scene, she just needed a good partner. 6/10.

Comment #2

Riley Evans really does it for me. Not sure exactly what it is, but she turns me on something awful. I like the new set and dentist chair, made the seem seem a little more real. The dialogue was pretty good too, despite the lame storyline. I thought the fucking was really damn hot, unlike a lot of members. Nice positions and there was one good camera angle in reverse cowgirl for a second where it looked lke old school Spice network where you couldn't see actual penetration. I'm not sure about this NItro cat; he couldn't sustain the pounding and looks too young to be that out of shape. Either way I thought it was really hot

Comment #3

wasn't feeling Johnny Nitro at all. I'd rather have seen the wrestler. Maybe even the American Gladiator named Nitro. Nitro is an extremely explosive chemical compound. He was missing the explosion, had no chemistry, and his pounding was garbage. I can't believe Riley Evans had to put up with this guy. If he would change his name to Micro then no one would expect anything special. I will give the scene an A for effort. The follow through was not up to par. I think the chair cause more problems then what it was worth. I love the fact that you guys changed things up some and gave a different setting. I just didn't care much for this scene. Snoogans!

Comment #4

I thought it was nice to see Brazzers have some different camera angles. The pussy close ups are hot while she's blowing. But this tool "Johnny Nitro", what a retard! Is he for real?! Come on, a hot chick like Riley must've forced herself through this scene- but kudo's for her for still be able to act like a true porn star! More Riley PLEASE! Send this Johnny guy back to Mc Donald's where you got him!!!

Comment #5

a fucking scorching hot doctor adventures scene from mad hot riley evans. this girl is damn hot, has killer curves, and brazzers we need more of this chick!! riley you had those hot tits a rocking in rc and johnny you had her tits rocking in doggy (2 molten hot positions). riley looked scorching hot in all positions and she provided some great p2m (very hot). riley that was a molten hot facial you took and girl you lit up the screen. cameraman i understand you had to film around the dentist equipment but you were all over the place with the filming and you fucked up a very hot facial because you filmed it from the wrong side. riley thanks for the facial even though the filming of it was horrible. riley we need to see you fuck kerian, ramon (solo or duo with kerian), johnny sins, or big ben english in your next scene. brazzers a scorching hot scene and get as much from riley as you can because it won't be long before this hot chick will become a contract girl because she lights up the screen. minus the camerawork a scorcher!!!!

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