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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Skye agrees to fuck for insurance fraud

Scene Title: Insurance Fraud

Storyline: Charles was trying to get out of a hefty medical bill. Dr. Skye wasn't in any hurry to help him out. She did have a proposition though, that he sucks her pussy and fucks her and maybe she will consider helping him out with his bill. The Doctor seemed like all she wanted was a good hard fuck and she got it...

Doctor: Ryder Skye

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What people are saying about: Ryder Skye - Insurance Fraud doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

I don't care much for Ryder, or Dera. But I noticed Dera was quiet compared to his other scenes, which made the scene tolerable. He needs to buy some other shoes to wear, those cowboy boots are stupid in every scene. The scenario was alright. Ryder has no ass on her at all and I don't find her face all that attractive. She usually makes decent scenes, but she's not my type. The sex was average. 7/10

Comment #2

I have a bias towards Ryder Skye. I think her face is one of the prettiest in the biz. And her eyes, shiiiieeeett. Ryder has a pair of the sexiest eyes I've seen ANYWHERE. The setup and sex were avereage, but her facial expressions while she was getting fucked were enough to get me. Dera was nice and quiet again...with them cowboy boots, lol.

Comment #3

You know how you can see a really good comedy and watch another right after it. The problem is you didn't laugh as much. Though everyone is telling you it was really good. Well I still have Bree on my mind so I'm gonna try to judge this correctly. Charles really has problems when it comes to the doctors office. He wanted help from Eva and now Ryder. Ryder was hot of course. One thing I wish could have happen though. When she told him what he could do. She should have been like "I'm so sick of you broke fuckers always with your hands out. I get so stressed out by you assholes. You can fuck me and make me cum or you are SOL". Anyhoo the sex was good. Charles keep rockin those boots. Don't let them hate on your steelo. However I did like her punking him in the end. I liked the temper tantrum too. Ryder you have to get some ass plants though. Stay away from doggy if you are in a PLIB scene. Someone might puncture a lung. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

Comment #4

Ryder Skye is sexy as hell!!!! please please more of this bimbo!!

Comment #5

love me some Ryder Skye

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