Sara Stone from Doctor Adventures


Doctor Adventures presents: Sara Stone helps a patient with his premature problem

Scene Title: Stone Cold Awesome

Storyline: Keiran has a problem. A serious one. He blows his load in like, 26 seconds, or something fast like that. He goes to see Dr. Stone to see if she can fix him. Will she fix him? Damn straight she'll fix him real good-like!

Doctor: Sara Stone

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What people are saying about: Sara Stone - Stone Cold Awesome doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

I told my girlfriend the other day that she looked like Sara Stone. Of course my woman didn't know who it was so I showed her some clips & some pics. Lol, she agreed somewhat. Both look good & Sara Stone is a fucking hottie in my book. I've noticed comments calling her fat in the past but some extra meat is good to have. It makes banging that fat ass & the sweet pussy the better. Yum. You gotta love those natural titties too. Too many porn actresses get boob jobs & it's just nasty. Keep em' natural forever Ms. Stone.

Comment #2

What an idiot I have been! All this time I could have been watching Sara Stone in action, and I just have not got round to it. Thankfully, by watching this excellent doctor adventures scene I have put that right, at last. Sara is a gorgeous, all natural babe, with a pair of the most beautiful, natural big tits. This is a funny story, in which Dr Stone cures patient Keiran Lee of his premature ejaculation problems; and how! There is a nice sexy motif whereby Dr Stone makes Keiran repeat a mantra: I will not cum till Dr Stone says I can, and both performers maintain this very convincingly. Keiran makes good use of those wonderful tits in a scene I am sure will appeal to many Brazzers members. Role on more from Sara!

Comment #3

Based on her last scene where she went to "Big Cock Heaven", I was intrigued by Sara Stone enough to watch this one. I think I'm a fan. This chick is one helluva performer. Those naturals look phenominal wrapped around a cock, and her moves in reverse cowgirl were the hottness. lol @ "your grandma naked on the potty". The way that played out was so natural. Good shit, I'm down for more Sara.

Comment #4

"Your grandma naked on the potty". Yeah I would have to say that would help any man...well except Glide. So if Keiran keeps cumming in his pants, some of which were caused from staring at her boobs. How come at the start of the scene the camera wasn't focused on her boobs. She looked absolutely immaculate too. I loved how she titfucked him, then loved how he titfucked her back at the end. She didn't appear to be running from the cock. Keiran did quite abit of readjusting her body. The doggy would have been right on had the camera been in place. Too many sites already have the word Tits or Boobs in it. Since this site doesn't, can we get back to showing the penetration? Not too many times have I seen Keiran almost lose his load early. Sara pushed him to the max when she rode his cock like a surfboard. Keiran was penalized by some shitty camera work again (see Jasmine Jolie or not). Sara has came back with a vengeance and that's the bottom line cause Dr. Stone said so. Snoogans!

Comment #5

Thanks but mine is big enough already Kielosa4, in fact maybe it's too big (thinking of getting a reduction actually! lol).

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