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Doctor Adventures presents: Busty nurse Sativa Rose getting fucked by doctor at the hospital

Scene Title: Caught In The Act!

Storyline: When nurse Rose finds out that Dr. Jack has been stealing meds to sell, she does what anyone looking for revenge against their boss would do...GET BACK!! He now has a choice...fuck her hard or hardtime. The good doctor knows best...He fucks her HARD!!

Doctor: Sativa Rose

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What people are saying about: Sativa Rose - Caught In The Act! doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Wow Sativa where you drunk at the start of this video. I will say one thing that I like, Dr. Jack was wearing that pussy out. Sativa gives pure pleasure when she came in the video several times. Keep doing the damn thing Sativa.

Comment #2

they shouldn't have tried to act, but good scene. One question though, how would fucking Sativa EVER be punishment, if it is sign me up for a life of punishment

Comment #3

Sativa is still one of the best, period.

Comment #4

The girl is on fire!!

Comment #5

Damned if she doesn't make a real hot nurse!

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