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Scene Title: Patient Service

Storyline: Newly stated doctor Savannah Stern is having trouble this morning with a reoccuring patient. He has griping about chest pains and has been to her office three times now and is at his wits end. Dr. Stern oblivious to his anger quickly finds out how angry her patient is with her imcompetence when she asks him to fill out a doctor evaluation form. To ensure a good evaluation from her patient Dr. Stern goes the extra mile to give him the best care he's ever received!S

Doctor: Savannah Stern

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What people are saying about: Savannah Stern - Patient Service doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Good scene with Savannah. OK camera angels, especially when she is on top. The dude however, show a maniac teeth gritting killer face of an out of control nutcase. Really poor.

Comment #2

The more I see of Savannah Stern, the more I like her. The more I see of that jerk, the less I like him. He needs a shave, he needs to take that equipment out of his ear lobes. He looks like he needs a bath. A woman as nice looking as Savannah should be paired with someone better looking than that nerd. S

Comment #3

Savannah - ridiculus body and fuck. I normally can't stand this cat, but he couldn't WAIT to eat that pussy! Threw those glasses off his face like it was a moth in his grill...and the stethescope gagger was pretty good too lol

Comment #4

Like I said before this girl can take quite abit. Dane is like the creepy guy at the strip club you don't want to run into. He looks like a nerd but what you haven't heard is he likes to play rough. Savannah has become a force to be reckon with. I usually don't like to comment on the next shoot but I'm glad to see Kendall Brooks is back. Snoogans!

Comment #5

It certainly HAS improved since she bought herself that great set of tits, I'll give you that...

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