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Doctor Adventures presents: Doctor was nice ass rides big prick

Scene Title: Naughty Nurse!

Storyline: Mr. Cummings is in for a follow-up this morning and much to his delight a young and sexy nurse is performing his checkup. While the sexy redhead, Nurse Stern is performing the checkup he can't help but get aroused. The nurse is taken a back at first but then is aroused herself by the well endowed gentlemen. The young nurse who said she always had a fantasy of fucking a patient in the office, does exactly that and lives it out to the fullest.

Doctor: Savannah Stern

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What people are saying about: Savannah Stern - Naughty Nurse! doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

very few full scenes, too many close ups n when i say full scenes i mean that i can see both of the guy n girl bodies n faces because in most of the scenes u could only see the girl n the body of the guy but not the face!

Comment #2

not bad at all!!

Comment #3

this is the best!! if looks could kill... although i liked her better like this, before the bigger tits. the smaller ones made her unique. need more of her

Comment #4

savannah stern killer ass great legs, teases u with a tiny short skirt that rides up her panties. this scene is great she is really hot sucks off n fucks great! i allways cum when i see the skirt start to cum up!

Comment #5

I'm a panty freak and when she bends over in those red panties, I cum. Why ol' shit-for-brains has to slap her pussy and ass is beyond all logic. She has a great pussy and sucks and fucks like an animal. Oops, do animals suck?

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