Shawna Lenee from Doctor Adventures


Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Lenee takes matters into her own hands to get the sperm she needs

Scene Title: I Need Your Sperm

Storyline: Dr.Lenee needs Keiran's Sperm sample but he seems to be having problems producing it. She takes matters into her own hands and gives Keiran the motivation he needs to make it happen.

Doctor: Shawna Lenee

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What people are saying about: Shawna Lenee - I Need Your Sperm doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

OK, I know it's not exactly an original idea, but this was a great new take on the sperm donor concept. Shawna Lenee is just about the cutest, sexiest babe you could possibly imagine, and she looks stunning in her sexy doctor outfit (fantastic legs in black stockings and heels - really elegant and sexy). Her acting here is good, she makes an effort with the role, and she comes across as really good fun. Keiran obviously enjoys partnering her (who wouldn't?), and utilises her luscious little body to great effect, with great eye contact between the two of them. This all creates a scene which is a lot more than just a mechanical fuck. Good work again, guys.

Comment #2

Shawna is H-O-T as always. This doctor adventures scene, given with how long it was, could've benefited with some anal play. Shawna should really do some anal generally speaking. Another great scene by Shawna and I agree she should've taken it in the mouth and then spit into the cup but that's nitpickin'.

Comment #3

Even tho this was done before, I still thought it was pretty good with the little adjustments you guys made. Shawna is one of the most underrated in the biz. As atjatj said, I don't think she is capable of a bad scene. Shit went on for a while too, I thought the reverse cowgirl wasn't going to end, and the standing doggy is always fun. What the August/Barry scene had that was way better was the cmshot going into her mouth then in the cup, like japman7 already pointed out. It was pretty dumb how she held the cup up to her face here. But it's still Shawna, which means it's still a hot scene.

Comment #4

Great scene, Shawna, you are so beautiful. Love that bra, it gave me a stiffy. Would like to see you have worn it longer like you did in the HQ pics, however.

Comment #5

I liked the doctor adventures scene better when I saw it done by August and Barry Scott. Keiran has changed his fucking style from when he first started. He wasn't so interested in putting chicks in certain positions. I miss those days when he let the director worry about getting the angle needed. He would just knock the bottom out of it and bust a nut all over some pretty face. Shawna is one blazing hot chick. I liked how she rocked back and forth on his cock for that little bit. I always heard that masturbating too much would cause a man to go blind. I think Keiran is ending that rumor with his bullseye cumshots. Snoogans!

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