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Doctor Adventures presents: Shy Love in Dr. Shy Love or: How I Learned to Stop Cumming too Fast episode

Scene Title: Dr. Shy Love or: How I Learned to Stop Cumming too Fast

Storyline: Scott Nails visits Doctor Love hoping to find an answer to his premature ejaculation problem. She introduces him to a very effective spray that numbs his cock. In order to find out if the solution works properly on him they must obviously fuck. Can you think of any other way of testing it out? No? Me neither.

Doctor: Shy Love

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What people are saying about: Shy Love - Dr. Shy Love or: How I Learned to Stop Cumming too Fast doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Good to see Shy back in action. I got hot watching her caress and sucking on that big cock. Personally I thought her lingerie was extremely too sexy for a Dr Adventure. It didn't get the proper showcasing it really needed. Every position was very steamy. I liked her legs together while he fucked her in mish. The doggy was good and got better when her arms was behind her back. A beautiful display of squat cowgirl action. He just fired on all cylinders in reverse cowgirl. The spooning was decent. Not sure why he just didn't let her finish him off though. Snoogans!

Comment #2

I love it when women leave all of their clothes or lingerie on while fucking. There is something sexy about a womans boobs hanging out of her shirt and her skirt being held against her waist while she is getting fucked. Awesome doctor adventures scene by the way.

Comment #3

Perfect. Gorgeous fake tits, and sexy-as-fuck lingerie. I'd love to see Shy go blonde, in a perfect world, but otherwise this is phenomenal. Instant jerk-off material.

Comment #4

I used to not like Shy Love, but all of a fucken sudden, something hit he and said: "You sack of shit, are you kidding me? This girl with her cute and sexy buck teeth, is totally amazing!" I've turned over a new leaf: Shy is definitely among my top entertainers.

Comment #5

Huge Shy Love fan and even though I think the lingerie is sexy I would have preferred that her tits weren't semi covered. Great to see her in HD though! Can't wait for more scenes of her!

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