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Doctor Adventures presents: Shyla Stylez in Let Me Kiss It To Make It Better episode

Scene Title: Let Me Kiss It To Make It Better

Storyline: Pro Football player Jez Christ is rushed to the hospital after injuring his ankle in a game. Dr.Stylez, who recognizes the star player, is super excited to be treating him. Jez is in real bad pain and Dr.Stylez offers up something better than medicine to ease his pain. Her mouth,tits and tight pussy all over his big dick!

Doctor: Shyla Stylez

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What people are saying about: Shyla Stylez - Let Me Kiss It To Make It Better doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Shyla was great as usual. But this cat she got paired with dude looked way to old to be playing some football for this scenario. Also wasnt feelin the cum shot at the end either spray chic in the face or get up and spray on those beautiful melons.

Comment #2

I want her to make a million. Just wish she would do some cum drool shots as much as I like her to swallow, I would love her to look in the camera & let the cum spill. Like

Comment #3

She is amazing, no Shyla Styles scene disappoints. This one was terrific. I love how she puts those wonderful tits to work.Always shows them off, which the point after all!

Comment #4

I love watching this sexy blond, that played a girl of Bond. She loves getting stuff for the win, oh and those twins. I love seeing her bounce on cock, even a fake ass jock. This doctor adventures scene needed Johnny Sins, and still those twins. Here's to football...I mean Shyla Stylez. Now that I got my Coors Light commercial out of the way. I'm not sure she really got excited until he pulled his enormous cock out. She was all about it as she rode him but then it happen. He went limp and you can tell she lost interest. She didn't even want him pulling her hair. I hope no one was wanting a cumshot today...geez. At least she looked hot enough to walk past a candle and light it. Snoogans!

Comment #5

Shyla--Stockings--Blouse--AWESOME!! This is what i'm talking bout. Keeping the stockings on and the blouse and pulling the bra down while goin at it!! It's about time, more scenes should use this set up, the clothes are part of the fun. Personally prefer to see it this way than when the girls get totally naked. Nice work ZZ and Shyla is perfect, as usual!

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