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Doctor Adventures presents: Doctor West fucks clients lawyer to get off the legal issues

Scene Title: A visit from Mr. Cockrin

Storyline: Dr. Sienna made a mistake a while back, she miss diagnosed a patient. Now her former patient is sent his big shot lawyer, Mr. COCK!rin, over and slapped her with a $2 million lawsuit. Nobody can afford that, not even a successful doctor like Sienna West. Instead she figures out a way her and Mr. Cockrin can settle everything outside of putting his fat dick between her gigantic tits!!After all he's not called Mr. Cockrin for nothing.

Doctor: Sienna West

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What people are saying about: Sienna West - A visit from Mr. Cockrin doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

What initially put Sienna in that upper eschelon of stars when she first appeared on Brazzers was the natural-looking face she had with the red hair. Now every scene she does, she is looking more and more like a cheap porn hewa with the slut-hair, the piercings and caked-on makeup, thus bringing her down to the rest of the my opinion at least. She don't do it for me anymore. Average scene at best...

Comment #2

I've said it once and I will ay it again. The doctor coat is the dumbest thing to wear when your fucking. Look Sienna is sexy no doubt. To all her fans they were blocked by the damn coat when she was in doggy the first time around. Granted I think her boobs are disgusting in doggy. Did we have to see doggy twice DAMN. The sucking and eating don't bother me. The lack of positions bother me. How does he fuck two hotties bringing out his best then gives this shit. Come Barry your better than that. Lame story and setup by the way Brazzers. Snoogans!

Comment #3

Sienna does her job well, but it's just the same as every scene in the last months: blah blah, girl sucks cock, they fuck this way, they fuck that way, guy jerks off. Sorry, but that's boring. This site needs more anal, threesomes (MFF), handjobs, doctor dominance. My two cents.

Comment #4

Once again, another great doctor adventures scene by the true MVP of this site. Thank you Sienna.....

Comment #5

great scene by sienna....but whats with the mr clean meets zoolander clone? hahahah

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