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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Dre knows how to fix her patients for good

Scene Title: RobaxaFUCK

Storyline: Keiran has mangled his back while fucking his missís and now he is in need of some serious medical attention. Dr.Fix a lower back specialist. With a quick pop, Dr.Fix cures Keiranís back pain but she needs to see what position Keiran was in to fully understand the circumstances to be properly diagnosed. Kerianís demonstration is awkward without a partner so Dr.Fix gets on her little knees and goes wild with Keiranís bulging dick.

Doctor: Sinthia Fix

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What people are saying about: Sinthia Fix - RobaxaFUCK doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Whatever her "working name maybe", this girl is a keeper. I'm not a fan of the tattooes, but she kept them covered which worked for this scene. I have to say she knows how to handle the cock and isn't afraid of deep throating it like a champ. Nice tit fucking as well from KL, it's becoming a lost art. She didn't have big tits, but they were just right for her size. Banging body, tight curves and a great ass. The thing I liked most was her energy and willingness to fuck and attack the cock. It's not enough to just be "pretty" to do porn, you actually have to be able to fuck like a pornstar. She's got skills. I liked both riding positions, she even made the hated piledriver position look good. KL did a good job as usual. One last thing, loved how hard her nipples got during the doctor adventures scene! I think it's a 9 out of 10. More with her, pair her up with Voodoo in a scene!

Comment #2

omfg !!! whata find Brazzers, and most definately a hottie i look fwd to seeing much more of in the near future !! and i absolutely Luved her black thigh highs .... keep up the great work miss Fixx and welcome to the industry, i hope you have a long and successful career

Comment #3

As soon as I saw her answer the phone, I really thought she could pass for Sara Jay's sister. Granted she would be the better looking of the sisters. So is her name Dre or Sinthia Fixx? Neither one is really good but what can you do. All that ink on her hot bod and it was covered by a fucking coat. I was about to get real pissed at Keiran for not letting her ride his cock. Then I got to see her bounce that ass like a Dr Dre six-fo. Nice smooth transition from cowgirl to piledriver. I would have rather of seen the cumshot from piledriver. It would have made his back pain more believable. I would have to say that she is a keeper whenever she picks a name officially. Snoogans!

Comment #4

This girl is mind blowingly hot! Great outfit. Love the stockings but wish the shoes came off!

Comment #5

Wow they couldn't come up with anything better than Dr. Dre at least make her a nurse or something

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