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Doctor Adventures presents: Tanya James in Don't Be Ashamed!!! episode

Scene Title: Don't Be Ashamed!!!

Storyline: Barry is ashamed to come back to Dr. James' office for the second time this week. The problem is he jerked off too hard and popped a blood vessel in his dick!!! Dr. Tanya will use natural medicine to fix this one... A dose of oral and vaginal techniques should do it!!!

Doctor: Tanya James

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What people are saying about: Tanya James - Don't Be Ashamed!!! doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

She is indeed gorgeous, although I preferred he natural boobs. But I have to admit that her "acting" has become repetitive. Not a big fan of this scene.

Comment #2

Another pretty good story. I like how he tells about what happens and Tanya just gives him a sexy smile. Today was a nice change from the contract cocks. I've never seen in all of her scenes get fucked like she did today. She didn't have to do anything but her get her pussy abused today. Barry must have got trained by Michael Vick for this scene. He fucked her like he was a pitbull going for the kill. I lost count of how many times she came on his cock. He was hitting that sweet spot so much. Her pussy must have seemed like a honeycomb. He's lucky his cock only had a bruise on it after this. Hell it should have been raw and red as fuck. My favorite position was when he was T-boning her. How he didn't blow his load early is a fucking miracle. Could very well be the best sex I've ever seen. Snoogans!

Comment #3

wow, i'm amazed it doesn't bother anyone that she's totally gained weight over time. I'm ok with her not coming back as I'm much happier with her older videos. Hope that's not too honest for you hall of fame hopers.

Comment #4

That dude is awful. They know it too, thats why they barely show him. Weakest cum shot, toucan nose, I mean really... If Tanya wasn't one of my favs I wouldn't have even watched it...

Comment #5

Tanya James is total legacy. Do NOT even put her down. You guyz don't even KNOW how awesome she is. Like in 2 years, she'll be hall of fame! So please do, watch what you say about her!

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