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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Michaels fucks her patient in front of her staff

Scene Title: Un-Orthodox Techniques

Storyline: Dr. Michaels is the most important Doctor in her field , because of her special techniques and in this episode she demonstrates all of them for two students. The observation period lasted the whole time from the oral examination to the all internal test. Her patient past all points and the students seemed to learn a lot about Dr.Michaels techniques.

Doctor: Trina Michaels

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Doctor Adventures Trina Michaels HD Video Trailer

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What people are saying about: Trina Michaels - Un-Orthodox Techniques doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Trina is incredible hot she burns like fire and the video is great.The two internals should do something more than watch maybe give trina a help sucking the black cock or helping during fucking scenes...but i enjoy the clip...and i adore trina..she┬┤s a godess.

Comment #2

Great scenario. Trina played a good doctor. The students staying in the room and watching was hot, but I think you should have went the opposite route with them. They should have been disgusted with the technique Dr. Michaels used to treat her patients. And having Trina threaten to fail them if they didn't comply with her demands. Then she should have had them do stuff to her and him or at least her. I realize they weren't pornstars, but next time you could get pornstars to play the role or get some girls willing to at least do g/g contact. Their questions were fucking annoying during the scene. 7/10.

Comment #3

The only thing I didnt like about this is that the 2 interns kept talking and asking questions which actually cuts into you enjoying the scene. you can even tell, a couple of times, she wanted to tell them to just shut up and watch. thats the only thing that made this poor. Tell them damn interns too shut up and just take notes and ask questions after.

Comment #4

gino real nice script to bad the angles and edit were shitty. Hailey and the other chick were great for this scene. The facial expressions and how interested they were made the doctor adventures scene hotter. The sex didn't pick up speed until the anal went down. It appears that last part with guy in the back wanting to be next was left out. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

Comment #5

All I know is that I love the fact they are having more voyeur scenes with people staying in the room. This was a great scene. It kinda would have been nice if the other girls maybe touched also at least but hey I can't complain. Whoever was the member that came up with this idea...great job. Brazzers keep the member ideas coming, they seem to be the best scenes.

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