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Doctor Adventures presents: Sexy big titted doctors ass fucked by patient

Scene Title: Sexy situation

Storyline: Mr Hardwood gets caught off guard when Dr. Vanessa tells him that she needs to check his prostate. He refuses to get a finger up his ass so Dr. Vanessa calls up her favorite nurse, Ava Devine, to help her demostrate to their patient that having something up his ass is nothing to be afraid of. Such demostration gets Dr. Vanessa and nurse Devine turned on as their patient is so glad to be in the right place at the right time.

Doctor: Vanessa and Ava Devine

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What people are saying about: Vanessa and Ava Devine - Sexy situation doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Great scene! Love dirty girl Ava and Ms Vanessa is hot in a strange way too. Mr Hardwood gives me hope that one day i can be in porn...Dude has a tiny prick.

Comment #2

Definitely one of the best scenes on this doctor adventures site. I have a high opinion of Ava already but Sexy Vanessa impressed me. She's improved her game, learning to work it w/ more nymphomaniac reaction and less robotic responses. The fit stud was likely a condition of Vanessa including a smaller dick for anal as Ava would take any man and any size into all of her holes. I don't have an issue with the stud as he takes control directing the women; knowing what us guys like. Anal fans will really enjoy this one for all the ass suck-n-fuck but the scene has a little bit of everything including a little post-cum-shot tit fucking.

Comment #3

One of the hittest scence i ever saw. Ava and Vanessa, brink their back. Please

Comment #4

very hot. Damn. Lucky for us Ava believe it or not tones it down just a notch in the vocal catergory because she is too busy kissing,sucking and eating out her friend Vanessa. Real hot stuff. Props to the dude for being able to hold out so long. I wouldnt have lasted too lon with these two broads.

Comment #5

The 2 hottest web milfs, together again, their previous vid together, sadly now deleted on a competing site, is THE hottest MILF vid ever filmed, this , well, yet another classic. Nice to see Vanessa taking cocks in her amazing ass, yes, she's a bit new at it on vid, but she's no novice, boys.............

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