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Doctor Adventures presents: Vanilla Deville in Cock Treatment episode

Scene Title: Cock Treatment

Storyline: When a coma patient is rushed to the hospital Dr Deville nurses him back to life using the best method of her medical training: Severe Cock Treatment.

Doctor: Vanilla Deville

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What people are saying about: Vanilla Deville - Cock Treatment doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

This is undisputedly the best ever scene posted on this site. A+ grade to the last shot with the patient passed out. That's what the European audience wants to see: real sluts performing real doctors and real patients in choma or eager to immediate assistence...

Comment #2

I hope to hell you guys shot several scenes at this place. I like the look and feel of a real hospital setting. I've always been a lover of strawberry. So I'm pleased that the American Dream Nikki Rhodes made a guest appearance in her hot nurse outfit. I just know this was the prefect time for me to try some Vanilla. I've been scooping her for awhile and finally makes the big show. I loved it when a chick talks back to the guys. The head was good but I was anxious to see her fuck. She didn't disappoint as she rode him with some authority in both variations. After they pulled off the sixty-nine, the spoon and doggy didn't live up to what I just saw. It wasn't a total waste cause she got a nice amount of cum on her face. Snoogans!

Comment #3

Let a pro like Randy spears show you how its done. This guy should be in the porn hall of fame. If only we could get more scenes from Randy, Brazzers would be great. I wish Randy would have taken Nikki Rhodes also, it would have been beyond belief.

Comment #4

Always nice to see Randy Spears - Brazzers could use a stud like him more often who knows how to alternately flatter and ABUSE the bitches. Way too much Kieran and Scott.

Comment #5

Wow this doctor adventures scene is going to be HOT! Vanilla looks smoking hot wearing glasses and's great to see her in a ZZ scene!!!

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