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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Rayne loves big cock and gets one on a standard medical visit

Scene Title: Dr. Anos from Mykonos

Storyline: Dr. Rayne is talking to her friend about her colleague Dr. Anos, a Greek Doctor she has a secret crush on. She is craving his big Greek Cock up her Big Ass but is not aware he is there peeking on her conversation. Dr. Anos showed her how they do it in Mykonos: up the Putzer!!! (Minus the Butter)

Doctor: Veronica Rayne

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What people are saying about: Veronica Rayne - Dr. Anos from Mykonos doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

this slut gets my cum every time, makes me cum all of tha place including my fucking monitor!! :) would love to pump my bell into that anal hole fukking hard. Id slap my cock all over that fucking ass, cum all over her ass, lick my own cum of her arse, and then spit it on her fucking face - hey, thats just me, a fucking cock wanking, hore fucking, cunt licking addict.

Comment #2

Veronica Rayne is a must-watch for me. She gives 100% every time, is incredibly hot, seems to love anal and makes me rock hard within seconds. Having said that, this set-up is a little weak and is not quite up there with her best. It does feature a HUGE load from Jordan though and made me cum hard so no real complaints. Veronica you rule!!!

Comment #3

This was a good doctor adventures scene. The scenario was decent, and Veronica was great. She looked really hot in this scene and the anal, even though it was only for about 10 minutes, was nice to see on a Doctor Adventures scene. Overall, the sex was decent and they worked pretty well together. Good scene. 8/10.

Comment #4

jordan and veronica are the two of the most consistent performers on the brazzers network. these two have been churning out some very hot scenes and made a nice pairing. veronica very hot body and anal work. jordan that was a peter north like cumshot and completely impressive. veronica kudoz for the scorching hot facial!!!!!

Comment #5

The anal fans have to love Veronica. She damn near brings a fudge packing scene every time. The phone conversation actually got me somewhat worked up. I had to watch this scene first between the two that came out. This needed to get a proper review. So the blackmail scene rears its head again. She doesn't run from the big cocks. Nice head clinic but wish a few more positions were involved. Damn shame he missed with that cumshot. He was shootin cum like AK-47. Snoogans!

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