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Doctor Adventures presents: Doctor Sin slammed hard in her office by her coworker

Scene Title: Bad Timing

Storyline: It's very busy at the hospital today and Dr. Victoria Sin is under a lot of pressure. On top of that Nurse Strokes is late again. So when he shows up she gives him a piece of her mind and asks him to change fast and get to work. But when she sees the size of Nurse Strokes' cock she decides to take some time to relax and give that cock a nice ride...

Doctor: Victoria Sin

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What people are saying about: Victoria Sin - Bad Timing doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Personally, I love see the doctor coat on during sex, and this scene was perfect with leaving the heels and some clothes on during sex! This is one of my favorite DA scenes...please more scenes with Victoria!!!

Comment #2

fucking german bitches annoy me... i cant stand her voice. she needs to do less talking and more moaning and sucking cock. as long as she doesnt talk, i can tolerate her.

Comment #3

Victoria would be perfect for SexPro. She sounds like Dr.Ruth. Nothing really wrong with the scene could have been better but oh well. I thought she was going to take it in the ass again but not this time. Brazzers please get rid of the doctor coat when they start fucking. It's plain to see it's in the way and makes it hard for them to focus on the sex looking good. Snoogans!

Comment #4

Great scene...Victoria is super hot. I would love to see more of her!

Comment #5

I like Victoria, nice body, cute face, just a very good looking woman.

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