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Doctor Adventures Abbey Brooks

doctor adventures Abbey Brooks img

Private Dera reported to Military Doctor Abbey Brooks for a routine check up. Though, he had no idea this one wasn't going to be like any other check ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Abby Rode

doctor adventures Abby Rode img

Uh oh!!! Johnny is in a bit of a predicament. The doctor says he's 4 pounds over weight and he won't be ready for his big fight tonight. Abby has a so...[more]

Doctor Adventures Adrenalynn

doctor adventures Adrenalynn img

Nurse Adrenalynn was looking for Dr. Nomar. She didn't expect to find him in the supply room, using the Hospital's supply of Medical Marijuana for his...[more]

Doctor Adventures Ahryan Astyn

doctor adventures Ahryan Astyn img

Danny went to the Sperm Donor Clinic to make a deposit. Clinic Nurse Ahryan Astin found Danny Mountain's donation load to be quite weak. There's only ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Alisandra Monroe

doctor adventures Alisandra Monroe img

Doctor Alisandra is dealing with a deliquent student who just isn't doing well in her class. The student now facing failure says he is willing do anyt...[more]

Doctor Adventures Amy Ried

doctor adventures Amy Ried img

Scott deals medication out in the black market and he needs to get a prescription for Viagra so he can sell it to one of his best clients. Scott goes ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Angel Long

doctor adventures Angel Long img

Scott is having problems performing anal sex on his girlfriend so he goes to see Dr Long for some anal advice. Skilled for the task Dr Long shows him ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Angelina Valentine

doctor adventures Angelina Valentine img

Rocco participates in an alcohol research that requires him to drink shots of mixed alcoholic drinks while having his blood pressure taken. The reason...[more]

Doctor Adventures Asa Akira

doctor adventures Asa Akira img

Mark asks Dr. Akira for a penis enlargement after realizing that his wife wants a porn sized penis. After Dr. Akira analyzes the situation she realize...[more]

Doctor Adventures Audrey Bitoni

doctor adventures Audrey Bitoni img

Johnny is a very important figure who has checked to the emergency room of Brazzers hospital. His generous donations to the hospital make him believe ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Audrey Bitoni

doctor adventures Audrey Bitoni img

Audrey Bitoni went to see a doctor because she had trouble "swallowing things". Dr. English examined her and determined she had TTS recommending a new...[more]

Doctor Adventures August

doctor adventures August img

It is a very busy day for Dr. August and her patient is taking way too long to produce the sperm sample she needs. So to accelerate the process, she d...[more]

Doctor Adventures Austin Kincaid

doctor adventures Austin Kincaid img

The hospital can be a very dangerous place at times with all the crazies running about. Nothing turns Dr. Kincaid on more than strong orderlies, so wh...[more]

Doctor Adventures Ava Lauren

doctor adventures Ava Lauren img

Dr. Ava Lauren took her patient out to enjoy the beautiful day around the hospital's pool and get some exercise. She wanted to get him to walk a littl...[more]

Doctor Adventures Avy Scott

doctor adventures Avy Scott img

Johnny is at Dr Scott's office because he has to have a mole removed. While he's in the waiting area for surgery he overhears a nurse prepping another...[more]

Doctor Adventures Avy Scott

doctor adventures Avy Scott img

Doctor Scott has been having problems making this patient obey her orders. He does not take his medication, does not do the exercises she asked him to...[more]

Doctor Adventures Bree Olsen

doctor adventures Bree Olsen img

Bree Olsen went to see a doctor to find out why it would hurt so much when having sex with her boyfriend. Dr. Knight is one of the best gynecologists ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Brianna Beach

doctor adventures Brianna Beach img

Doctor Beach fucking her idiot patient at her officeTJ barges into Dr Beach's office because he accidentally glued one of his hands to his cock and hi...[more]

Doctor Adventures Brianna Beach

doctor adventures Brianna Beach img

Dr. Beach is a licensed Physiotherapist. Mr.Mountain comes to pay her a visit as he's been having a light pain in his lower back. After performing the...[more]

Doctor Adventures Britney Andrews

doctor adventures Britney Andrews img

The sexy Dr. Andrews gives us a hot doctoradventures scene. She had no patience for this patient and showed no mercy even though he was subjected to a...[more]

Doctor Adventures Britney ONeil

doctor adventures Britney ONeil img

Even though Dr. Oneil's patient claims to have a sight problem he can't seem to avoid staring at her boobs!! She's having problems proceeding with the...[more]

Doctor Adventures Britney O'Neil

doctor adventures Britney O'Neil img

Dr. O'Neil is a very busy doctor and today is no exception. She is really pressed for time as there are alot of sperm donors today and is giving each ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Brooke Banner and Britney Stevens

doctor adventures Brooke Banner and Britney Stevens img

Young and newly hired nurse Britney is very impressionable, eager to please and she is trying very hard to do a good job on her first week. This regul...[more]

Doctor Adventures Brooke Belle

doctor adventures Brooke Belle img

Criss's mom calls on family doctor, Miss. Belle because her son is feeling ill and doesn't want to go school. So Dr.Belle does a house call and visits...[more]

Doctor Adventures Brooke Belle

doctor adventures Brooke Belle img

Poor Joe Blow has had a stomach ache for a while now and its not going away. Good thing for him he's got Brooke Belle as his doctor, although she migh...[more]

Doctor Adventures Brooke Haven

doctor adventures Brooke Haven img

Todays Lesson folks, is respect the white coat! A lesson Dr. Haven had to teach this star athlete who came in to her office this morning. He was clear...[more]

Doctor Adventures Brynn Tyler and Bridgette B

doctor adventures Brynn Tyler and Bridgette B img

Trent was feeling fine and he called up his girlfriend to come and pick him up. But his doctor had other plans for him and his cock. Once the girlfrie...[more]

Doctor Adventures Candy Manson

doctor adventures Candy Manson img

Dr. Manson seemed to be having a bad day when a guy walked into her office complaining about a headache he couldn't get rid of. She recommended aspiri...[more]

Doctor Adventures Carmel Moore

doctor adventures Carmel Moore img

Three college football athletes are sent to Dr. Moore's office to get their annual hernia test. It's business as usual as Carmel feels up the three yo...[more]

Doctor Adventures Carmella Bing

doctor adventures Carmella Bing img

Dr. Bing's patient can't control these tingling feelings he gets in his genitals whenever he sees things like big tits, nice asses and hot legs! She f...[more]

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