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Doctor Adventures Carmella Bing

doctor adventures Carmella Bing img

Dr. Bing is dealing with a patient with a persistent cough this morning. He attributes his bad cough to his heavy drug use. Dr. Bing treats the patien...[more]

Doctor Adventures Celeste Mulet

doctor adventures Celeste Mulet img

Even though Dr. Mulet's patient was seriously wounded and needed immediate assistance, he still refused to identify himself. Dr. Mulet knew there was ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Charlee Chase

doctor adventures Charlee Chase img

Dr. Chase is doing a regular checkup on Mr. Jordan today. The checkup went well and Mr. Jordan was given a clean bill of health as well as the real bi...[more]

Doctor Adventures Claire Dames

doctor adventures Claire Dames img

Nurse Dames was looking for a letter of recommendation from Dr. Slater, but he wasn't willing to give it up. But Claire worked extra hard for him to c...[more]

Doctor Adventures Claire Dames and Cassandra Calogera

doctor adventures Claire Dames and Cassandra Calogera img

Cheyne came into the Doctor's office with quite a problem. It seems he couldn't get rid of his erection. Dr. Calogera took a good look at it but could...[more]

Doctor Adventures Delta White

doctor adventures Delta White img

Keiran's dad is one decrepit old man, who is helpless without the aid of his nurse. He's been known to glance at her cleavage and would like nothing m...[more]

Doctor Adventures Demi Delia and Carmella Bing

doctor adventures Demi Delia and Carmella Bing img

Today we have another hot and steamy doctor adventures scene!Dr. Demi is showing Dr. Carmella how to perform a checkup on her favorite patient. This w...[more]

Doctor Adventures Devon Lee

doctor adventures Devon Lee img

Dr.Lee is besides herself today because her favorite singer is a patient! She loves his music so much she'd do anything for an autograph and to hear h...[more]

Doctor Adventures Diamond Foxxx

doctor adventures Diamond Foxxx img

Charles Dera is convinced he's been fucked by a "Terminator". Dr. Foxxx doesn't believe Mr. Dera's story at all, but she still wants him to fuck her t...[more]

Doctor Adventures Dylan Ryder

doctor adventures Dylan Ryder img

Dr Ryder is having a really shitty day. Her husband is taking her to court for all of her money and she can' seem to get a break at the hospital! When...[more]

Doctor Adventures Eden

doctor adventures Eden img

Mr. Brown is in the doctors office and is waiting for surgery time. He is very nervous and is unable to calm down. Dr. Eden is familiar with this type...[more]

Doctor Adventures Emilianna

doctor adventures Emilianna img

When Dr. Emilianna's patient asks for a penis enlargement she is a bit curious as to why he would need such a thing. Once he shows her what he's packi...[more]

Doctor Adventures Emma Star

doctor adventures Emma Star img

Dr. Star is surprised when Johnny walks into her office this morning. She has been treating him since he was a kid and apparently hasn't treated him i...[more]

Doctor Adventures Eva Angelina

doctor adventures Eva Angelina img

Mr. Dera wanted to miss his test because he hadn't studied enough, his friends told him that there was this doctor who would do this for a price. Once...[more]

Doctor Adventures Eve Lawrence

doctor adventures Eve Lawrence img

Dr.Lawrence is dealing with a ball buster of an attending. He constantly is criticizing her about her work and performance. Until one day he had enoug...[more]

Doctor Adventures Gianna Micheals

doctor adventures Gianna Micheals img

Dr. Micheal's reputation proceeds her, not because she is a good doctor but rather the opposite. She's been a very naughty doctor in the past and her ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Gina Lynn

doctor adventures Gina Lynn img

Dr. Lynn has to deal with a strange situation, her patient claims to have been tricked into taking a "blue pill" instead of aspirin the night before a...[more]

Doctor Adventures Harmony Rose

doctor adventures Harmony Rose img

Dr. Harmony Rose works very hard at the hospital standing up for many hours and the only thing that makes her relax is getting fucked hard!! So when s...[more]

Doctor Adventures Holly Halston

doctor adventures Holly Halston img

Dr.Halston's patient is pretty backed up! His nuts are swollen like a blowfish! After a thoro examination, Dr.Halston concludes that he needs to relea...[more]

Doctor Adventures Holly Halston

doctor adventures Holly Halston img

Mr. Carter is suffering from a mild case of erectile disfunction which is a very common case. While going through a number of tests with the very attr...[more]

Doctor Adventures Holly Morgan and Carmen McCarthy

doctor adventures Holly Morgan and Carmen McCarthy img

Carmen and Holly found that patient Sins was pretty good looking and they really wanted to get some of him inside of them. They went into his room whe...[more]

Doctor Adventures Holly West

doctor adventures Holly West img

It's been two years since Charles' last check up. He claims to be as healthy as a horse but there's just one more test to be done. A prostate exam, up...[more]

Doctor Adventures Ice La Fox

doctor adventures Ice La Fox img

Miss. Fox, a jazz trumpet player, is in to see Dr. Dera because she has been having trouble blowing lately. Dr. Dera runs a series of tests on this se...[more]

Doctor Adventures Isis Love

doctor adventures Isis Love img

Emergency! Emergency! Barry Scott has got his dick stuck in a vacuum and it's broken. Dr. Isis Love to the rescue. With the risk of Barry's dick never...[more]

Doctor Adventures Jada Fire

doctor adventures Jada Fire img

Doctors encounter difficult patients all the time and know how to deal with such patients. There are some cases though when a patient is really being ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Jasmeen Lefleur

doctor adventures Jasmeen Lefleur img

Jasmeen is the perfect example of what a nurse should be! There is nothing in the world she wouldn't do to put a smile on a patients' face. After watc...[more]

Doctor Adventures Jayden Jaymes

doctor adventures Jayden Jaymes img

This a medically defined term known to affect the bottom of the foot. Over the past ten years, studies have reported that 1:6 women suffer from this c...[more]

Doctor Adventures Jayden Jaymes

doctor adventures Jayden Jaymes img

Doctor James walks in the medical room for Anthony's rehabilitation session of the day. Anthony is recovering from leg surgery and will not budge and ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Jayden Jaymes

doctor adventures Jayden Jaymes img

For too long Dr.Jaymes has wondered if the sixth sense has a connection with mankind's sexual appetite. Mikey Butders volunteers and is taken through ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Jazmine Star

doctor adventures Jazmine Star img

Keiran is bored of masturbating so he decides to stick his dick in a chinese finger trap but accidentally gets his dick stuck. When he goes to see Dr....[more]

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