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Doctor Adventures Jenaveve Jolie

doctor adventures Jenaveve Jolie img

Keiran Lee stumbles into the dentist office barely being able to speak because his wisdom teeth are killing him. Being a dirty oral specialist, Jenave...[more]

Doctor Adventures Jenna Presley

doctor adventures Jenna Presley img

When Dr. Presley walks in the room where her next patient is waiting, she finds Charles with a rare case of "Girlstuckoncock"... She doesn't hesitate ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Jenna Presley

doctor adventures Jenna Presley img

Scott is visiting Dr. Presley to discuss his problem with narcolepsy. Every time Scott gets a little excited he passes out and for Jenna that's music ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Jenna Wild

doctor adventures Jenna Wild img

Eric has been visiting Dr. Jenna for some time now and he has not seen results. He always goes back home with his wallet lighter and no progress. But ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Jessica Lynn

doctor adventures Jessica Lynn img

Johnny has an appointment at the dentist with Dr Lynn, for a checkup and a cleaning. While looking at his teeth, Dr Lynn begins to complain about a pa...[more]

Doctor Adventures Jessica Lynn

doctor adventures Jessica Lynn img

Danny ends up in the hospital after a snowboarding accident and wakes up to hot nurse Jessica Lynn checking up on him. Jessica is also there to remove...[more]

Doctor Adventures Jessica Lynn and Dylan Ryder

doctor adventures Jessica Lynn and Dylan Ryder img

Jessica is having a major problem! Whenever she touches her body anywhere she gets an orgasm. The sensation is too intense for her to handle so she vi...[more]

Doctor Adventures Jodi Bean

doctor adventures Jodi Bean img

Player, Billy Glide has promised to help his friend to the hospital while she is going through labor. The Doctor, Jodi Bean is taken in by what a sens...[more]

Doctor Adventures Katie Kox

doctor adventures Katie Kox img

Dr. Katie sure knows how to treat volunteers all right! During her interview with Charles, she didn't hesitate to give him full medical attention with...[more]

Doctor Adventures Katja Kassin

doctor adventures Katja Kassin img

Dr. Katja Kassin is treating a patient with a rare complication today. His testicles are swollen and they hurt so much he can barely walk!!! Dr. Kassi...[more]

Doctor Adventures Kayla Carrera

doctor adventures Kayla Carrera img

Kayla is rushing one of the person she is taking care of to the hospital because she forgot to give him his blood medicine and his body is shutting do...[more]

Doctor Adventures Kayla Synz

doctor adventures Kayla Synz img

Charles Dera is slowly going blind. Expert Dr. Kayla Synz quickly realizes Charles deteriorating eye sight is due to mass amounts of masturbation. Thi...[more]

Doctor Adventures Kayla Synz

doctor adventures Kayla Synz img

Even though Kayla's boyfriend's dick is small it still hurt her to get it anal. She decided to go see Doctor Damage and jeez did he help her out. 20 m...[more]

Doctor Adventures Kaylee Lovecox

doctor adventures Kaylee Lovecox img

Nurse Kaylee is a dealing with a patient who is a nervous wreck! The patient is panicking like crazy and with no doctor around she is forced to think ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Kelli Tyler

doctor adventures Kelli Tyler img

Today is the last day of therapy for Dr Tyler's patient and she is sad to see him go. After a little goodbye hug, she realizes he isn't quite ready to...[more]

Doctor Adventures Kelly Divine

doctor adventures Kelly Divine img

Charles goes to the dentist for an emergency procedure, but is so stressed out that the laughing gas does not work to calm his nerves. Dr. Divine has ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Kendall Brooks

doctor adventures Kendall Brooks img

Justice had a car accident the day of his birthday. It seemed like the worst day ever. But his bad luck was about to change when sexy Dr. Kendall Broo...[more]

Doctor Adventures Kenzi Marie and Britney Amber

doctor adventures Kenzi Marie and Britney Amber img

Dr.Marie and her assistant Nurse Amber are conducting a research on sleep patterns. Horny Nurse Amber noticed that the subject's cock remained hard du...[more]

Doctor Adventures Kinzie Kenner

doctor adventures Kinzie Kenner img

Young Nurse Kinzie recently got hired at a very busy clinic. This patient has been waiting to see the doctor for a very long time and is getting frust...[more]

Doctor Adventures Kinzie Kenner

doctor adventures Kinzie Kenner img

Today is a grim day for Dr. Kenners' patient. She has to tell him that he is dying of lung cancer and fast! The poor just wishes he could have one las...[more]

Doctor Adventures Krissy Lynn

doctor adventures Krissy Lynn img

T.J. has got to get some sleep. He hasn't slept in months, but Dr. Lynn has just the cure. She prescribes a good old fashion fuck thinking it will tuc...[more]

Doctor Adventures Kristine Madison

doctor adventures Kristine Madison img

After pulling a leg muscle, this guy went to see Dr. Madison and she showed him a couple of exercises that would do him good. Over their second appoin...[more]

Doctor Adventures Kylee Strutt

doctor adventures Kylee Strutt img

Mark keeps waking up with cock pains and he doesn't remember how he hurt his pecker... When he finds Dr. Strutt's card on his bedside table, he gives ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Lichelle Marie

doctor adventures Lichelle Marie img

Dr. Marie has a regular checkup today and seems to be very attracted to her male patient. She flirts with him a little but he doesn't seem to respond ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Madelyn Marie

doctor adventures Madelyn Marie img

Mark is suffering from severe back pains and visits Dr Marie to figure out the problem. After some tedious examinations she finally figures out that M...[more]

Doctor Adventures Mariah Milano

doctor adventures Mariah Milano img

Cheyne came into Dr. Milano's office for a routine flu shot. Now Cheyne really doesn't like needles so Dr. Milano had to put him at ease. We all know ...[more]

Doctor Adventures Mariah Milano

doctor adventures Mariah Milano img

Dr.Milano has another patient prepped for a penis enlargement operation. Dr Milano has something on her mind and cannot operate with shaky hands so Bi...[more]

Doctor Adventures Maya Devine

doctor adventures Maya Devine img

Dr. Divine's patient is afraid of having some sort of erectile dysfunction. He says to be having problems getting an erection and that when it happens...[more]

Doctor Adventures McKenzie Lee

doctor adventures McKenzie Lee img

Keiran wants his sperm to taste magical, so his lady friend will finally swallow his load. He heads over to see Dr. Lee and find a solution to his pro...[more]

Doctor Adventures Melissa Lauren

doctor adventures Melissa Lauren img

They say France has one of the best health care systems, and we have proof!!! Dr. Melissa Lauren sure knows how to treat her patients, especially if y...[more]

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