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Doctor Adventures presents: Doctor Brooks fucks a lieutenant of the sixty nine unit

Scene Title: Routine check up

Storyline: Private Dera reported to Military Doctor Abbey Brooks for a routine check up. Though, he had no idea this one wasn't going to be like any other check up he's had before. Because Dr. Brooks was very horny today and she was going to get his cock not matter what!!

Doctor: Abbey Brooks

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What people are saying about: Abbey Brooks - Routine check up doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

i enjoyed the on the side scenes!!! they were good!! but they would have been better if Dera's face would have been filmed too!! The girl's leg was on the way covering his face the whole time!!! i did not like the positions at the begining when the girl is laying too low n Dera is too tall on his knees .therefore his entire body or face r never filmed only his dick!! that's not hot really...

Comment #2

hell no... no abbey in butts and blacks! that shit will scar her for a life. hopefully brazzers doesnt take that route with this beautiful girl. i love her fucking titties, and that interview was tough to watch without staring at her tits and her pussy when she would spread her legs. love this girl, just no more scenes with mr dera, she needs a change of cock imo.

Comment #3

Late Fees, Big Tits at School was better than this. But she is still hot with a wonderful body. She looks best with just no clothes on at all. The chunky body and big tits does it all for me. I'd love to watch her run around naked on a beach. And she fucks good in her scenes. I think she is great. Team her up with some other slightly chunky gals and you would have a real winner. She's hard to find on other sites.

Comment #4

Yeah we are all sixteen years old. Your quote was "its pretty pathetic that you guys actually post on porn sites". What exactly did you just do? I will answer for you. You posted on a porn site. Don't try to come back and write something smart cause you already proved you aren't the brightest crayon in the box. To top it all off you paid money to get on this site and to post your remark. That actually makes me chuckle and we're the pathetic ones. Snoochie Boochies!!

Comment #5

You beat me to it but it was about time he shut the fuck up... I dont know if anyone has said this but Abbey is the new Mary Carey... but better. There are other girls with the frame like hers but she does an amazing job with it and this scene was better between the two... not to repeat everything but I love Abbey keep her coming back and dont go all girl or run for governor on us... Givem D

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