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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Lynn getting fucked by a patient who loves her big boobs

Scene Title: Highly Recommended Dentist

Storyline: Johnny has an appointment at the dentist with Dr Lynn, for a checkup and a cleaning. While looking at his teeth, Dr Lynn begins to complain about a pain coming from the side of her mouth. Johnny decides to play dentist so he can sneak a better peak down her blouse. Although he is an unskilled dentist he cures her pain by giving her a cock in the mouth.

Doctor: Jessica Lynn

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What people are saying about: Jessica Lynn - Highly Recommended Dentist doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

What a perfect scene. Nicely shot and arranged, a decent, simple story to get things going, and hot sex in a variety of good positions. Jessica Lynn is a really horny blonde, and she looked great in the stockings, heels, tight skirt and top. She both performed and fucked very well (as did Johnny, as practically always). A Highly Recommended Doctor Adventures Scene! (See what I've done there?)

Comment #2

This movie was awesome and really helped me to unload my nut sack! I totally cummed super mega hard. I even used my favorite masturbation technique. What would have made this movie like way better is if they would make it into more of a POV movie scene. That would have made me cum in like 2 minutes if it was a POV.

Comment #3

Just when I was starting to lose faith in Brazzers, here is a scene with the always gorgeus Jessica and her boobs are getting fucked properly. What a great scene! Jessica is incredibly hot and she really knows how to fuck! My faith in brazzers has been restored!

Comment #4

I was waiting on a dentist doctor adventures scene that was gonna have some trickery. Damn Johnny was eating pussy like he was a vulture. Great looking cowgirl and view with a hot ass like Jessica. When she had her legs together during doggy, oh my. It was like watching the pendulum rock back and forth on a grandfather clock. I've been waiting on these two to have a scene to themselves. It didn't disappoint either. Snoogans!

Comment #5

I love this chick but she never appears to really want sex. She looks like she's only doing it for the money and can't wait til its over. Anyone else get that vibe? She'd be a hell of a porn star if she really got into it. She has everything else

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