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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Ryder gets a big cock to examine and fuck

Scene Title: Bad Day, Good Dick!

Storyline: Dr Ryder is having a really shitty day. Her husband is taking her to court for all of her money and she can' seem to get a break at the hospital! When sleazy divorce lawyer, Billy Glide comes in for a check up, she decides to take all of her frustrations out on his cock. Who cares if he's late for a case...Karma is a motherfucker!

Doctor: Dylan Ryder

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What people are saying about: Dylan Ryder - Bad Day, Good Dick! doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Dylan Ryder is definitely hot but this dumbass dude could not give her 5 fuckin strokes without pulling out!! What a fuckin dipstick!! A gal with tits that fabulous and a nice shaved kitty needs to be rode hard and fast!!

Comment #2

Billy if you keep pulling your dick out after every few thrusts it makes for a poor scene and that is what this was. Billy just cudn't seem to keep is dick in the actress' pussy. Every time he would get in a good rhythm for pussy pounding he would pull his cock out. There is no need for all that Billy, just put your dick in and get to going man! You must have been on some crack or something because your last two scenes for Brazzer had all that dick pulling out stuff. Plus this chick had some nice boobs that you could have made a good meal out of.

Comment #3

This was way better than I expected. Dylan seems to have som acting skills, so that always makes for a better scene so the setup was a really good one. My first look at solo Dylan was impressive. She has an every-day hot chick kinda look to her, which is sexy. Sex was good, loving the grinding in cg and the standing doggy. I will agree that she has some work to do in some of her more protruding body parts, but she's a keeper, no ques. Nice doctor adventures scene.

Comment #4

I usually don't bitch about camerawork or choice of positions but COME ON! The way Dylan was working her hips in cowgirl (which you chose to shoot from the front), I couldn't WAIT to see her in reverse. So what happens? She climbs on Glide reverse cowgirl and all the footage is shot from behind her. Now, I love a nice ass as much as the next man but I'm not watching a Dylan Ryder scene to see her backside. Another odd choice was to shoot Dylan standing doggie near the end knowing full well that shit, when she sees it, is gonna either have her starving herself silly, running like a lunatic to Gold's or asking for recommendations on who the best crystal meth dealer in the Valley is. Kudos, however, on the mish. That shit was shot PERFECTLY (even if it was much too short). Thanks.

Comment #5

Nice job with this story guys. I didn't think Dylan look as good as she did in her debut scene. Billy can sometimes be a solid performer and other times he's not. He always does a pretty good job of getting the setup going. Which is nice to me. If they are gonna pay you to do it then you might as well enjoy it too. I thought the camera work was pretty bad for the most part. The view was either blocked by Billy or the table. I think Dylan is very attractive woman but he could use some toning up around the mid section and her thighs. I guess the most important thing is that she is enjoying herself. Her scenes have been pretty good so far. Was that cameo by Nikki Rhodes? Snoogans!

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