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Doctor Adventures presents: Jayden James gets nice chillin foot massage before being fucked

Scene Title: Foot Hornicitis

Storyline: This a medically defined term known to affect the bottom of the foot. Over the past ten years, studies have reported that 1:6 women suffer from this condition. It is initiated by extreme pressure from footwear such as heels or boots. The clitoris gets stimulated coupled with an immediate need to be penetrated; thus the compulsive orgasms observed. Dr. Lee is highly respected and is the only doctor to cure this condition, however he has been criticized for his unorthodox techniques but he is the best.

Doctor: Jayden Jaymes

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What people are saying about: Jayden Jaymes - Foot Hornicitis doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

I liked the whole doctor adventures scene and I also like footjobs. I love watching a girl playfully jerking a huge dick with her feet. A good time for this is usually when a guy is eating her out and she has her feet down by his waist or for these sites, relating to big dicks maybe comparing his dick to her feet, which was done for a "teens like it big" scene a while ago, but was really brief. Anyway, I liked it and would love to see a little more foot on dick action.

Comment #2

I loved the scene even though there was some problem with the editing. I would love to see more footjob scenes. Jayden is so fucking hot and, she has a nice ass and feet. I would love to see my girl Cherokee in a scene like this. Oh, and maybe one with Sienna.

Comment #3

I like the switch-up of the male doctor, makes for a better DA at times to me. What happened with the editing in the beginning? all of her suddn her titties were out and then she was instantly sucking his dick; not loss of clothes at all. I didn't mind the kissing of the feet, but when it went to a footjob and then the $$ shot on the feet, that was too much for me and could have done without it. The fucking, however was dumb hot. These 2 have some really nice chemistry between them. Particularly liked the semi-POV cowgirl from JJ while she wa half off the couch. Really hot doctor adventures scene ZZ

Comment #4

What a great scene Jayden! Jayden does such a great job of acting and playing the part, class act. In addition to Jayden's gorgeous body and hot fuck scene, what I liked about this scene is that it had the "element" of foot fetish parts without being solely (no pun intended) focused JUST on a foot job like other sites. That being said, Jayden is perfection incarnate from head to toe.

Comment #5

Jayden was looking very hot in that dress. Keiran I use to think you're crazy but now I see your nuts. Good laugh watching him get off to shoes. I know we have some foot job lovers but I could have done without it. Since her last scene with Jordan, I've noticed a serious change for the better with Jayden. She has severely stepped her game up. We all know that Keiran has a really long cock and could do damage at any given time. The doggy and cowgirl is what we want to see and she didn't disappoint. Keiran came a cunt hair from dropping one in her eye. Snoogans! s

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