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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Roxxx fucks comotose patient till he wakes up

Scene Title: Fucked Out of a Coma

Storyline: Charles has been in a coma for about 9 months now and unfortunately they have to pull the plug. Dr. Roxxx wasn't done with him there though. She wanted to do some tests of her own. She wanted to see if she could fuck a guy in a coma and he would stay hard. Tune in to see what happens!

Doctor: Rachel RoXXX

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What people are saying about: Rachel RoXXX - Fucked Out of a Coma doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

ok, so looking past the fact that, if indeed that man was in a coma for 9 months, that he was even able to move. Your muscles have after feed after not using it for a week or so... 9 months he would be able to move possibly as well as a sack of potatoes...2nd of all, after 9 months he would look like jesus down below, that is unless the "wife/gf" was keeping him trimmed. As for other complete un-possibilities, well I'll leave that up to you guys to find. Don't get me wrong it was a nice idea, but remember what I said previously about being believable? In other respects, I agree with robb201... The acting was horrible... Actually most of the acting on this site is horrible... It goes with that believable thing again. To be successful at creating scenes, you just can have "awesome sex". If you want to do that then just make a site called 'random sex'... To set up a scene you need to have a believable story with a good beginning, ending, and of course dialogue... If we wanted to just see random sex then we would be surfing the web for 30sec porn clips.. But were not, we are here, paying for an experience that parallels "true" fantasy if you will. And in the six months I've been here I'm still not impressed. Sorry Brazzers, you failed again...

Comment #2

Fucking hot doctor adventures scene between Rachel and Charles. Rachel you have been on some of the hottest scenes on this site Go Team, School's Out, Four Some Pool Party (No scene is hotter than this one), etc. Love those pierced nipples and you are fucking like a pro. Charles you have the looks and that dick looks tasty. These two had great chemistry and we have no idea how Charles can lay there so still while Rachel fucked the hell out of him. Nice pop shot across the tits and this scene was pretty funny and hot. The ONLY COMPLAINT is when the Camera Man panned away (quickly to his face) from Rachel when she was licking his dick SHAME ON YOU!!!!!! Other than that hot scene!

Comment #3

Fuck! Rachel was so damn hot in this scene, it's about time we get to see her back on Brazzers. Bring her back for more, much more, and soon! I loved her outfit, and that strip tease was sexy. When she bent over that ass was amazing! I love her piercings. The other girl completely sucked. The beginning wasn't bad, but next time have some writing on the papers she's got to "sign" or don't film the paper with the camera. It looked stupid having her sign a blank page. The scenario was fucked up, and not in a good way. Especially in the beginning with Rachel telling her she's getting insurance money. Then at the end, when she was supposed to be "pissed" at him, it was so lame it just looked stupid. She didn't act like she was pissed at all. Dera was good in this scene until he "woke up" then he was same old Dera through most of the scene. 8/10.

Comment #4

Great doctor adventures idea for a scene just wasn't feeling Rachel Roxxx as the doctor. Her giggle works in certain scenes. This wasn't one of them. I might have accepted it if she was a nurse. Like in "Hard to Kill" Kelly LeBrock playing a nurse and checked out Seagal's package under the covers. Yes I'm being picky maybe it's cause not enough of the hot young females wear the sexy nurse outfits. A nurse being dingy and giggling about getting off on a coma patient is understanding. Charles put another hurtin on some pussy. It was still a good scene. Complaints about the wife and her non acting, who fucking cares! 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

Comment #5

I know there was going to be alot of heat over this scene, but once again funkdoc hit everything on the nose. Rachel was a good canidate for this scene, but the ending to finish strong at all. Its nice to see a hot chick take "advantage" of guy every now and then....

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