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Doctor Adventures presents: Doctor Belle loves to check cocks for the effectiveness

Scene Title: When things get hard...

Storyline: Criss's mom calls on family doctor, Miss. Belle because her son is feeling ill and doesn't want to go school. So Dr.Belle does a house call and visits the sick lad. She does a regular checkup and comes to find out the only problem young Criss has is his first erection! Dr. Belle knows all to well how to handle such a predicament...fuck it till it gets soft!

Doctor: Brooke Belle

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What people are saying about: Brooke Belle - When things get hard... doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Once again the camera guy fucks up a cumm shot,what is your problem? She's jerking him off so now is a good time to show her face and tits! what the fuck brazzers,you picked the first guy off the street to film for you,wow,tell that asshole to HOLD STILL! I mean the guy has a beautiful shot and he decides,oh this is to good for our viewers,is that it?What a waste of talent,you guys could REALY have one of the best sites if your director and camera man would get in scink,or better still, shit can both of them and get some people who give a shit about quality and not when lunch is for crying out loud!

Comment #2

Boy o Boy can this chick suck some serious cock. You got to believe Criss was enjoying this girl going down on him. This was a good doctor adventures scene and I am sure the men really love the way this woman sucks some cock. However, from a woman's stand point I would for once like to see Criss to do a seriously hardcore scene with some serious pussy pounding. I guess its going to be hard to find a woman that could take a pounding from him since he has got the biggest dick in porn history. Oh wait one minute, I forgot that he was in Humpin' Forrest and gave that girl a serious pounding with his cock. Anyhoo, I would like to see him eat some serious pussy too.

Comment #3

Great idea for a setup with the housecall and the ditzy mother except for 1 thing: He has ink all over and even later they were talking about Brazzers, pornography, and we're going to believe it's his 1st hard-on? No good. A simple remedy could have been that he took his father's viagra instead. Everything else would have played out just as perfectly. Brooke is okay to me, definitely a hottie but I don't sweat her like a lot of other heads. That white number she was wearing was fantastic. I also like how she stopped to go talk to his mom to tell her to stay out of the room. The sex was nothing special but the ending was great, and a great acting job by the mom. Will we be watching her fuck anytime soon? I wouldn't mind that

Comment #4

I liked where you were trying to go with this scenario, but it didn't turn out as good as you were hoping it would. First off, that retard Criss ruined this scene, the sex wasn't the greatest. The mom being clueless was funny, and I think Brooke played her role pretty good. The whole first erection part of the scenario didn't bother me, it wasn't the best scenario, but by far not the worst either. Attention people!!! Porn scenario's are supposed to be corny at times, it's porn!! Overall it was a decent update, but would have been better with Criss out of the doctor adventures video. 7/10

Comment #5

Story wasn't that great. His first erection? I have zero problems with it not being in the doctor office. The supporting actress cracks me up with her being clueless. Nice edit job when Brooke got her hair fucked by Criss. Brooke was damn sexy when she came out of those clothes and had on her lingerie. I have seen way better cowgirl from Brooke. Usually nothing special happens during doggy but that was some hot shit. This was a downgrade from the last time they fucked but still good. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

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