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Doctor Adventures presents: Ahryan Astyn in Big Load Extractor episode

Scene Title: Big Load Extractor

Storyline: Danny went to the Sperm Donor Clinic to make a deposit. Clinic Nurse Ahryan Astin found Danny Mountain's donation load to be quite weak. There's only so much he can give on his own, so she decided to take matter in her own hands and make him cum some more by sucking and fucking his big fat cock.

Doctor: Ahryan Astyn

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What people are saying about: Ahryan Astyn - Big Load Extractor doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Hi everyone! Im sooo happy that your liking this scene!! As for the question about anal...I do it in my personal life, BUT only special people get to experience that... I love it though! Its such a completely different feeling! Its great! I have thought about doing it on camera, but no plans for it in the near future...

Comment #2

God damn! This is by far the Scene of the Week in my opinion, and by far Ahryan's best scene yet, even from the scenes I've seen of her outside of Brazzers. It completely had the Road Trip feel, first thing it made me think of when I read the description. The outfit was hot, but I think a realistic outfit would have worked better. A good blow job, some hot fucking, and a good ending made this a great scene. The glasses were fucking amazing on Ahryan, and watching her slowly come out of the bra and panties was sexy. Overall, a great scene. Ahryan, you've left me speechless! Do you plan on doing anal on film one day? Do you do it in your private life or is it an exit only for you? 9/10 + Favorited.

Comment #3

I don't mind the sperm-bank scenes, and even before Road Trip, these scenes remind me of Beavis & Butthead, if anyone remembers that one epsiode, lol. Ahryan is a hottie, and I was digging the thickness that didn't seem to be there with her scene with Mikey Butders, even tho I liked her in that scene too. The fuckin on the floor is when it turned on, nice dick riding there Ahryan. Good scene, thoroughly enjoyed =)

Comment #4

Great BJ drew pre-cum out of me! Looks like is going to be a huge messy deposit! Great job Ahryan, I love the dirty vocals as well as the hot body and beautiful face! This scene brought me to the edge so many times and thats exactly what a scene should do! Love P2M!!! Love the matching red shoes and bra with sexy white stockings matching the doctors jacket! Great cumshot and cleanup! All's I got is a cum towel! Funny ending as usual Brazzers, keep it UP!!!

Comment #5

When this doctor adventures scene first started I wasn't sure if I would like it. Danny says he hasn't gotten off from a handjob since he was fourteen. How did he get the sperm in the cup then? So when Ahyran put on the gloves it made me think about the movie Road Trip. So since it didn't happen until the end of the scene I was happy. As for the sex, it's hard to go wrong with Danny when he is such a good performer. At first wasn't sure Ahyran was into the scene. Once things moved to the floor and the chair, she got more into things. Keep it coming double Z. Snoogans!

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