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Doctor Adventures presents: Super hot doctor fucking her patient hard.

Scene Title: The best pain reliever

Storyline: Dr. Ava Lauren took her patient out to enjoy the beautiful day around the hospital's pool and get some exercise. She wanted to get him to walk a little but his ankle was still swollen and he would be in too much pain. Her patient couldn't help but to be turned on by Dr. Lauren's hot body. When Dr. Lauren noticed the effect she had cause on him, she knew there was only one thing she could do to make his pain go away...

Doctor: Ava Lauren

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What people are saying about: Ava Lauren - The best pain reliever doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Awesome! Just awesome! Ava Lauren is just lethal! I don't care how old she is, or if she's a tad overweight, she is still one of the sexiest women I've ever seen. The way she toys with Johnny and plays with him, her sexy and natural acting...Her expressions when she has a cock between those powerful thighs are just amazing. If she has retired, may she enjoy it, it's well deserved. But if she were ever to come back to porn, I think millions of people would be very happy indeed!

Comment #2

Ava makes me grab my hard cock and stroke it! When she was stroking Johnny, "Does that feel good?"OMG I was ready to empty my nuts! "Hows that?" I fucking love that shit, hell yeah it feels fucking incredible!!! More handjobs of big dicks with dirty talk PLEASE!!! Ava Lauren in a scene in doctor adventures with a patient having erection problemsthat she fixes with a handjob Brazzers! You can do it!!! 10

Comment #3

Another great scene for her, She is so beautiful and talented. Keep bringing her back....

Comment #4

Excellent doctor adventures scene, but you need to match her up with some different dudes. I think this is the third scene in a row with her and this guy

Comment #5

OH MY GOD. I have a swollen member Ava and it needs attention ASAP. By far the best scene on this site. Great blow job scene. By the way this network needs just a blow job site dedictaed to that cause AVA gives good head. That had to be the sexiest nurse outfit Ive ever seen. Then when she pulled the sturips out shit that was so sexy. I always new she had a beautiful pussy but damn it really shows in this scene. We need an AVA Hot chicks with Big Ass though cause she has an incredible ass. An Ava Lauren update every week please. More Ava

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