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Doctor Adventures presents: Bree Olsen gets roughed up sexually by her doctor

Scene Title: Vaginal Tightness Syndrome

Storyline: Bree Olsen went to see a doctor to find out why it would hurt so much when having sex with her boyfriend. Dr. Knight is one of the best gynecologists in the area, he examined Bree and determined that she had VTS. Fortunately for her the treatment was simple and Dr. Knight was an expert in this kind of treatment so he gave her exactly what she needed and Bree left his office knowing that the hurting issue was a thing of the past...

Doctor: Bree Olsen

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What people are saying about: Bree Olsen - Vaginal Tightness Syndrome doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

This girl is sooo hot. God damn i love jackin it to her vids. LOL.

Comment #2

This is Bree Olsen's best scene for you guys. I've come three times alread. I bet her pussy tastes great. If I ever had a chance to get between her legs and lap up her cunt...

Comment #3

Ahh...Gotta love the expression's on Bree's face when a cock is being inserted in her pussy, or when she's being pounded hard. This chick is hot, I'd like to see her back on Big Tits At School and have her in an update on Big Tits At Work. Some think she overacts, but I'd rather her do that than not act enough. I've seen so many porn stars practically just lay htere and not act at all, or not act enough. I love her scenes, her acting skills are cute. She's got that whole still a virgin face, but shen she fucks, she fucks good. I'd like to stuff her like you would stuff a turkey on thanksgiving. My Rating: 9/10

Comment #4

I like her hair style in this update. She over act but for us horny fellas we love a bitch screaming as soon we put our dick in their cunt or ass. LOL

Comment #5

another great update..u guys been killin this week! and funk all that stuff about Bree's acting, I just like to think Brazzers listened to my request of more male doctor/female patient scenes...please tell me you guys have more scenarios like this one coming!

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