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Doctor Adventures presents: Doctor Oneil fucks her patient big hard dick

Scene Title: Sight problem

Storyline: Even though Dr. Oneil's patient claims to have a sight problem he can't seem to avoid staring at her boobs!! She's having problems proceeding with the examination so she decides to give this guy what he wants so maybe he would let her do her job afterwards...

Doctor: Britney ONeil

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What people are saying about: Britney ONeil - Sight problem doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Britney O'Neil has the best tits in porn! "how do you like that?" as she titty fucks her patient,she is so good at dirty talking it makes my cock stand hard at attention! those tan lines make her tits that much better! she does a great job making sure that the viewer can always see those huge fucking tits bouncing around! I love how he kept slapping her ass, I would be slapping those huge tits too! I thoroughly enjoy Britney, more of her please!

Comment #2

I won't deny that Britney is aging and the time will come that she will have to hang it up but I don't think she's quite there yet. She's still a very attractive women, more than capable of performing next to other major pornstars like Rachel Starr or Brianna Love. The boobs are great and the tan lines are her trade mark. Let's see a few more scenes of this vixen and then maybe it'll be time for her to call it quits. Another MLIB scene or another Doctor Adventures scene would be good. A AIP scene would top off all her other scenes on Brazzers.

Comment #3

Britney is absolutely the best MILF. Hands down! She has aged very well. Guys who say she is too old should just be patient because some day you'll be a little older too and you will really appreciate women like her. - do what you can to keep Britney happy cuz she's pure gold! And Britney, if you do read comments about your scenes, you got a lot of fans here so keep up the great work. You're still really gorgeous!

Comment #4

I will agree that she's not hot, but I will also agree that anyone who wouldn't fuck her if given the chance is lying. I like that Brittany works with Brazzers, she adds some variety to the talent and I love the huge fake cans ;). The doctor adventures scene itself was average though. ANd although he's funny looking, I don't mind Barry, he fucks well.

Comment #5

I have read all the comments on Brittany. All make so good points. As for her showing up at anyones door and she'd get fucked. Stop it all ready. Not everyone is that hard up. She does need to hang up the tits for good. The tanlines aren't hot anymore. The scene was horrible. Barry was in trouble when he found out who he was opposite of. Snoogans!

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