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Scene Title: They're Everywhere...

Storyline: Charles Dera is convinced he's been fucked by a "Terminator". Dr. Foxxx doesn't believe Mr. Dera's story at all, but she still wants him to fuck her the same way the "Terminator" fucked him. So she can have a better idea of what he's talking about.

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What people are saying about: Diamond Foxxx - They're Everywhere... doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Great job Diamond slapping his dick off your tongue and big tits,hot!!! "you like that huh? I can tell you do!" What gave it away? His stiff as a board cock?! I love Diamond. she is a hot big tit porn queen! Diamond was good with her lines but this guy acted like he was retarded, moaning and saying you dont know what you're doing, shut the fuck up she does and you suck acting, just fuck you retard! Diamond is a boner fide cumshot inducing MILF!!!

Comment #2

I'm sorry, but this was probably the MOST rediculous doctor adventures scene i have ever watched on brazzers. I'm sorry, but you took the whole "psych ward" thing a little too far for my tastes. I mean, okay I get it...He's been being fucked by a "Terminator", okay great, and also, yes, i have deduced that she wants him to fuck her like he fucks this "female Terminator". But shit! Does she have to mention it every 5 seconds?! Say it once, maybe twice, hell, i'll even settle for 3 time over the interval of the entire "fuck scene" but anymore than that is overkill. Also how the scene made Charles Dera act like he didn't want to fuck her until like halfway through the scene...definately a turnoff. Oh, and her clip-on extensions, yes, i'm a chick, i know that they're clip-ons, and not even well executed either. If you're gonna go the hair extension route, might i suggest a weave or at lease enough to cover enough of her head so that it doesn't look obvious or like a mullet? My 12 year old sister can put in clip-on hair extentions better than that.

Comment #3

Glad to see Diamond had long hair in this doctor adventures scene. I'd prefer it be straight, but it was still much better than her last scene. Would have been much better without the nylons. I hate when chicks wear nylons. Charles played his role alright, wasn't the greatest acting though. The restraints were way too long, and he should have been kept restrained through the whole scene. Decent, but you've produced better. 7/10.

Comment #4

Yeah that weave is turrble, she looked much better in "Sly Foxxx" with the shorter, "Milf" hairdo. Another good scene GIno. Like Francisco said, not as good as the Memphis Monroe locker room scene, but still good. Also like MJ said, this also seemed to be another struggle for her, fucking on the gurney. She needs to be fucked on a bed where she has room. Dera was good in his role, and I don't mind the lab coat I think it's hot when it's partially revealing a body as awesome as hers, I just hate when they keep messing with the stethescope, glad she took it off. Looking forward to her being fucked on something more stable, maybe she'll be more comfortable.

Comment #5

Un-Be-Weave-Able what she did to her hair. Diamond seemed to have some problems pulling this scene off. She just couldn't find the right positions to get into. Notice the difficulty with the lab coat in the way. Charles played his part brilliantly. I'm not sure another actor would have done as well. I'm glad the got the restraints off and he took control. Kudos to the writer, gino. Encore to Braz and director for making a solid scene. She has got one smoking hot body with a phat ass too. 2 terminated nips, Snoogans!

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