Kenzi Marie and Britney Amber from Doctor Adventures


Doctor Adventures presents: Brittany and Kenzi slamming a big cock a deux

Scene Title: Awakening

Storyline: Dr.Marie and her assistant Nurse Amber are conducting a research on sleep patterns. Horny Nurse Amber noticed that the subject's cock remained hard during most of his sleep and wanted to test how long she could suck it before he wakes up. At first outraged, Dr. Marie eventually got aroused herself and joined in to fuck the patient silly, even after he woke up.

Doctor: Kenzi Marie and Britney Amber

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Doctor Adventures Kenzi Marie and Britney Amber HD Video Trailer

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What people are saying about: Kenzi Marie and Britney Amber - Awakening doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

I frigging loved this scene as Britney and Kenzi are hot as fire with the chemistry these two bring to the scene. Britney, you are amazing and I would love to see a sequel stat! I love how vocal as well as physical hard bodies you and Kenzi are! Nice load by Jordan as he obviously enjoyed the threesome! 10!

Comment #2

I think this scene was ok the blonde looks like a poor mans Jesse Jane and the Brunette looked great in the naughty nurse outfitt. Be that as it may, THIS IS A FRIGGIN PORN SITE PEOPLE! Nothing is suppose to make sense, who gets fucked out of blacking out! Get a life people and quit critizing so damn much. If you have to be that much of a critic you are watching too much porn!

Comment #3

I'm not sure what everyone else saw, but this doctor adventures scene was far from great. Kenzi looked much hotter as a brunette, Brtiney looked good as always, although I like her with straight hair, the curly hair looked alright too. The scenario was just plain lame. Would have liked to see Kenzi sit on on his face when he started waking up. I unlike others, like the scrubs. As Funkdoc said, it adds the realism that is often missing in Brazzers scenes. Kenzi's outfit needed to be rethought, it was just pathetic for a DA scene. Get with it guys!! The sex was alright, I think both of them could do better. I'm also not sure if Jordan was the best pick for this scene, but oh well. The camera angles were horrible several times throughout the scene. Of course, as always, we have to end a Brazzers scene with a facial cumshot. I'd like to see some different cumshots. BangBros Big Tits Cream Pie site is looking better everytime you use the same endings for your scenes. Overall, it was alright, but could have been much better. Would like to see both of these girls again, but with a better scenario and better camera angles. 7/10.

Comment #4

britney amber you are the most improved pornstar on the brazzers site. girl you fucked jordan's dick like you loved it. kenzi i have been praising you since day one and the two of you girls fucked the hell out of jordan's long dick. this scene rocked from the fucking, positions, and camera angles. the stacking of the girls like a sandwich from the missionary style and the asses stacke sideways was fucking scorching hot. kenzi love that dark hair and briteny you look fanstastic with your hair down. the girls provided some major sweet pussy to mouth dick sucking, nice cock sharing, and the double facial was mad hot. i'm not a fan of lay down facials but i'll take it over a tit shot any day. this doctor adventures scene rocked and we need more of britney and kenzi!!!!

Comment #5

Let me get this out of the way now. Scrubs do NOT look hot. If you are gonna go doctor with nurse scene. Kenzi needs to be some sexy clothes with that god awful doctors coat. Britney should have been that hot nurse uniform that Kenzi wore. This scene was absolutely outstanding. Kenzi looks so much hotter with black hair. She reminds me of Danica Patrick (imo). I'm so glad Britney didn't roll with the straight hair too. I love how this scene was shot. I love how the girls were positioned. Britney was working that cock in doggy. Great selection on how to take the cumshot. Snoogans!

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