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Doctor Adventures presents: Hot brunette doctor gets tight pussy fucked

Scene Title: RoXXX Show

Storyline: In this feature, the hot Nurse RoXXX who believes she's in the privacy of her own office starts to apply lotion all over her body which leads to her pleasuring herself. Lo and behold she finds out she is not alone and there is a voyeur in the room who was enjoying himself as well. Her temper becomes hot and so did this scene,watch the disciplinary action in this scene!

Doctor: Rachel RoXXX

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Comment #1

It used to be the femal had to give up her honor to keep or improve her position in the job market. Here we have a well built stud who his forced to eat her cunt and put his prick into her to keep his job. Turn about is fair play. It looked like they enjoyed the fucking and the cum shot was pretty good too.

Comment #2

hot chick and huge guy (really is in both length and bredth) should have made for great scene. unfortunately he has no stamina! keeps pulling out and stopping and then tongues rachel's pussy to try to make up for this. the other scne w her as dr (fucked out of a coma) is sooo much better. this scene desrves no more than 3/10

Comment #3

rachel, is one sexy slut, i loved to fuck her in the ass, and have her swallow my cum.

Comment #4

i thought you were going to explode with that cock in u. This is the second scene i've seen you in and it keeps getting better. This Made me a fan. can't wait to see what you do next.

Comment #5

you are a very hot and sexy nurse. I would love to spy on you anyday as long as it comes with the u fucking me. I will dream about you tonight and jerk my 7 inch cock to you.

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