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Doctor Adventures presents: Huge juggs Savannah Gold plays the dirty doctor who loves to suck and fuck her clientele

Scene Title: The best pain killer

Storyline: Dr. Savannah Gold's patient fractured his knee and even though he is starting to feel better he still asks for pain killers to ease his pain. Dr. Gold doesn't think pain killers are really necessary so instead she asks him to drop his pants so she could examine his whole leg in case there is another bone or muscle that would have also been affected. But after seeing the size of her patient's penis she concludes that the problem might be the "extra weight" he carries between his legs and she has just the right treatment for that.

Doctor: Savannah Gold

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What people are saying about: Savannah Gold - The best pain killer doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

Great scene! Savannah has a lovely, nasty porn persona, and she uses it to good effect here. What a gorgeous little package! And her tits are awesome! There's not much you can be proud to be British about these days, but seeing Savannah in hot action like this makes me swell with pride! And I have no complaints at all about Billy, either. He really works her hot little body well, and there's some good kissing, too, which for me always adds to the passion of a scene. Seeing his brutal cock ploughing into the petite Savannah is a sight to behold. So full marks to all concerned.

Comment #2

When I go I want a nurse like her on my bed site. Keep on finding beaches like this. Billy on lucky guy. Any other guy will do his jib for free. hehehehe. Excellent update week.

Comment #3

Eureeka! Solid Gold! Savannah must be use to taking BIG COCKS cause she barely moaned. Billy, thank you for taking the time to eating pussy and tossing salad. You have made my day! Watch out cause I'm on the prowl. Snoogans!

Comment #4

With a nurse like this, i have to agree, she is the best pain killer.

Comment #5

Savannah Gold is hot as hell! Keep her comin!!!!

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