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Doctor Adventures presents: Savannah Stern in an episode of sexomnia

Scene Title: Sexsomnia

Storyline: Savannah is annoyed of finding her roommates used condoms around the house. When she confronts her about the situation she finds out it's not her who is leaving them around. Savannah's roommate explains how her sexual behavior has been out of control lately and it might be caused by a disorder called Sexsomnia. Savannah decides to go to the doctor to have her brain scanned but she ends up getting a lot more checked out then she wanted to.

Doctor: Savannah Stern

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What people are saying about: Savannah Stern - Sexsomnia doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

This is a good little story with a good supporting cast, ending up with a hot and passionate sex scene between the accomplished Charles Dera and Savannah Stern, surely one of the sexiest women you could find anywhere, never mind on an adult entertainment site. For me, of all her great qualities, the outstanding one has to be that beautiful butt; a petite, shapely, juicy, perfectly formed peach – just exquisite. To see a stud who knows what he is doing, like Charles, slamming into that gorgeous cushion from behind is a genuinely moving experience!

Comment #2

Savannah is one of the most underrated girls in the biz, and I wish that wasn't the case because she deserves all the accolades. The story was a really good one, especially for doctor adventures. Loving the lil pussy rub she had going on, and the brain session and doggy were crazy hot, along with every other part of this scene. Also loving the fact that she went back to sleep after he nutted on her. lol @ him getting fired. Definitely one of the best doctor adventures scenes in a while, werd.

Comment #3

If Dick Vitale watched porn and commented on it. I think it would go something like this: Are you serious? These two are PTP'ers (prime time players). First off the story was so money and you don't even know it. Her being in denial was fucking hot. Then showing off her sex wounds was brilliant. Her stroking that kitty while Major Stud tried to cover was sweet. He had the classic look on his face when she went for his cock. The sex was absolutely ridiculous. I will be watching this again before I hit the sack. The bowl of head was mind blowing. He fucked her like he was going to prison for the next twenty. My jaw dropped when she was fucking him back during doggy. Fuck this scene gave me goose bumps. Snoogans!

Comment #4

brazzers offers REQUEST A SCENE for every damn pornstar on the site, SIG request your stupid foot shit with that, nobody wants to read your same stupid ass comments over and over on every post, the post is for the scene, to see how people rated performance, not for dumb requests. i realize you like the attention and are fucking weird but enough is enough, we get it, bare feet, every scene. poor economy, cannot afford pedicures, not enough bare feet, WE GET IT, your dumb post does nothing but annoy everyone, which i am guessing is your ultimate goal.

Comment #5

Sigdogg, if you want feet, go find a foot fetish site. None of the Brazzers sites profess to be, so if that's all you're looking for - why would you have signed up for Brazzers in the first place? Seriously dude, it's getting old... You're as bad as the stupid bots that spam for sex techniques and small dicks. Great scene though, tough to argue with Savannah!

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