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Doctor Adventures presents: Dr Lenee banging her sweet ass on a huge dick

Scene Title: Number One Fan

Storyline: Nurse Lenee is thrilled to find out Derrick Pierce is her patient today. She tells him she is his biggest fan and tries to get some action from her idol, but without success. Threatening him to scream rape if he doesn’t comply, she ends up getting what she wants: a good pounding from her favorite pornstar.

Doctor: Shawna Lenee

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What people are saying about: Shawna Lenee - Number One Fan doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

God damn! This is the best Doctor's Adventures scene I've seen since Bree Olson's DA scene. This was Shawna's best scene yet for Brazzers. Shawna, you're tied for #1 Doctor's Adventures Scenes with Bree Olson on my list. The scenario was hot! I loved the ripping of her stockings and the crying rape scenario. The grabbing of the throat and slapping was fucking hot too. I liked the nurse role, I find it better than the doctor role most of the time (I'd like to see more Doctor/Nurse/Patient scenes). Shawna rocked that outfit, and played a great Number 1 fan role as well. I'm not sure this scene could have been any better other than Shawna doing anal (which she doesn't ---- YET!!) or Bree Olson being the doctor in this scene (Still under contract --- fuck those contracts!). Derrick, you played your role perfectly and you gave her a good fucking. 9/10 + Favorited.

Comment #2

God-damn, this girl should have an update every week. There is NOTHING negative to say about her or her scenes - super cute, unreal body, top performer, and plays her roles convincingly. Her smile and dimples alone are enough to get me going. Her and Derrick worked the beginning really well, even though I didn't know they made posters of male pornstars? lol. She was so damn cute acting like a groupie. Great sex all the way thru too, Shawna always puts it down. A LOT more Shawna please....

Comment #3

i don't know what this chick has to do to please fans, but she fucks like a veteran pornstar, her tempo is 2nd to none and she smiles when she is fucking. great dick sucking skills, tremendous body, lubes that dick between positions, and will take a facial with a grin. what else do you want from this chick??????? shawna keep up the great work because you fucking rock!!!!!!!!!

Comment #4

I don't get what Shawna has to do for some of you. She screamed like she was at a horror flick. She ripped her stocking for you. She wore a sexy nurse outfit. Most of all she took some smacks to the face and she barely over a 9 rating. I'm curious to know what the fuck you are looking for when you watch porn? Shawna you have put out solid doctor adventures scenes since your debut. I got mad love for ya, so keep droppin like it's hot. 2 erect nips, Snoogans!

Comment #5

wow she looks nothing like she used to. Haha. she had small tits brown hair and had that girl next door kinda look. Now with the blonde hair, new boobs and new name shes got that mainstream pornstar look. Both looks are sexy!! I just hope she doesn't do anymore work on her body. 10/10 scene

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