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Doctor Adventures presents: Sienna West fucks a patient who hasnt gotten laid in weeks

Scene Title: Thinking Out Loud!

Storyline: Jordan can't stop thinking about sex and seeing Dr. West's big juggs just makes it worse. He can't stop saying all the dirty shit he'd like to so to her tits. Surprisingly, this situation turns her on a lot. So she asks him to put his pants down and wraps her tits around his big cock as Jordan can't believe his luck.

Doctor: Sienna West

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What people are saying about: Sienna West - Thinking Out Loud! doctoradventures episode

Comment #1

This lady is really one of the best I can imagine. I like it so much to watch this lady got fucked. She has one of the most wonderful bodies I can imagine. It is great to watch her gets fucked hard - especially when she gets fucked in her wonderfull pussy from behind. I think she only should get fucked in her pussy and never anal. Why not fucked by big blacks. For example she should be fucked by a lot of blacks with giant cocks. They should fuck her very hard for hours and they should fill her wonderful pussy with cum more at to the edge. I would like to watch her pussy overflowing with cum. I am sure her pussy is ready for such a great fucking session and this lady would really enjoy it.

Comment #2

Sienna is one of the main reasons I signed up with Brazzers! I love her dirty talk that realy gets me off! "You got quiet all of a sudden, huh?" Damn is she hot! "You feeling any better? Yuh?!" I love watching her get her pusy eaten, she is so into it! Look at those big ass titties!!! I cant wait to see Jordan fuck Sienna in the ass! Great cumshot camera work! 10!

Comment #3

I like that she's gone back to the red hair. She hasn't looked this fuckin hot since that first "Big Tits at School" scene. She still needs to learn to suck a dick tho. Throw some deepthroat action in there!

Comment #4

Had to skip a few scenes to see Sienna with red hair and a lab coat. Shit was hot, and I'm convinced her performances are directly related to her hair color, cuz in her second scene back, she put forth another great scene. I'm totally digging her cowgirl these days too. And her dirt talk is steppin back from how I remember, aahhh just like the good ole days. Jordan fucked her like she needs to be fucked. And for the ppl complaining about the tourettes, stop it. This doctor adventures is a porn site, not the coaltition for political correctness. If you don't like it, don't watch it.

Comment #5

Well I spent the morning having a good laugh at Jordan. I'm glad ZZ didn't scrap the idea but it could have been used somewhat better. Like Jordan had a plan to get laid by the doctor by faking tourettes. Damn Sienna has been been throwing gasoline on her scenes. I was pleasantly surprised again by her one eighty. Her blowjobs are getting good enough to wake up a patient in a coma. The one major thing Jordan lacked with Kayla that he had with Sienna was chemistry. She was into him and his cock. Which in return made me all about this scene. The pace was a happy medium for a good clit caressing. I don't know if she is the best giving head but she sure looks the best doing it. Loved how she sucked that cum out and no fucking in the ass until the second date. Whether she does anal or not, still a hot fucking scene. Snoogans!

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